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F1 Club Cars, Round One

Mark, Ken and I all beat our PB’s with me setting a new lap record.
The heats were run so when a driver came off and shouted stop, we all stopped and as there was always 1 marshal, he would put the car back on and shout go to continue the race. It worked fine even when Paul could not say stop without saying OH before the word stop came out, giving us all a couple of foot advantage. It was all in good humour and enjoyable.
B Final:  Mark I think took an early lead for a couple of laps but Paul kept it together and pulled away to an unchallenged win.
A Final: It was 2 races in 1, Ken and I battled away but with me always chasing and Ken got over the line first and myself 2nd, Paul and Andy where also battling away right until the end with Paul just taking 3rd and Andy 4th.
There were also only about 2 to 3 hundredths of a second difference across all lanes for all drivers individually.

Ken Mason.....25
Keith Wright...23
Paul Hassall....21
Andy Taylor....20
Mark Riches....19
Next week GT3.

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