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Scalextric Jaguar I-Pace cars

The Scalextric Jaguar I-Pace individual cars are finally here and on their way to UK retailers.


C4042 Jaguar I-Pace - Red. RRP £40.99
C4064 Jaguar I-Pace Group 44 Heritage Livery. RRP £40.99

The Scalextric Jaguar I-Pace is an electric slot car model of the battery-electric Jaguar SUV which won both the European Car of the Year and World Car of the Year in 2019. You could say this is the most accurate Scalextric car ever - even down to its sound! The Scalextric model focuses on the Jaguar I-Pace eTrophy cars that run as a support series on some ABB Formula E weekends...


The I-Pace eTrophy is a typical one-make series with the chunky SUVs providing some great action on the tight Formula E street circuits!

I had a look at the pre-production version of the red I-Pace last autumn and surprisingly fell in love with it. I think the I-Pace could provide a fun and colourful grid for a one-make Scalextric Digital racing series...


I was a little disappointed not to see more I-Paces in the 2020 catalogue, but with the 2019 set and cars so late to the market, I am sure we can wait until 2021. The I-Pace is one piece of Scalextric tooling that has joined other Hornby Hobbies models at a new factory in Vietnam - a move outlined in the magazine 'Hornby Hobbies - a Model History' that was published last year. Unfortunately, the US government's imposition tariffs on Chinese goods last September sparked a full-on stampede of big US toy companies from China into Vietnam and it seems this completely clogged-up the output for smaller companies like Hornby.

The C1401 I-Pace Challenge set is already available (RRP £109.99) and features the two really nice liveries. They do have the typical set-car blacked out windows, but - who knows - we might see them at some point as full-detail individual cars...


If you want to follow the I-Pace eTrophy series this year, the 2019-20 season (eTrophy Season 2) continues with Round 3 in Mexico City on Saturday 15 February and finishes with Rounds 9 & 10 in London over the weekend of 25-26 July. There are also plenty of highlights on YouTube, with some races covered live on EuroSport.

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I generally do not like SUVs but I am a huge fan of Group 44.
The iPace races are usually pretty good but passing on the tighter courses can be a chore for sure.
Still, it is only 2 seasons in and all racing is good IMHO.

I like how you point out how world economics even affect things like our lovely hobby.
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A surprise highlight of my summer was watching the seven-race Jaguar I-Pace eTrophy 'Lockdown Showdown' in Berlin. It was an exciting battle for the championship and the I-Paces provided some good racing action. The highlights package is now on YouTube...

Although the pandemic provided a cracking fortnight of racing, it has also caused the third and final season of the eTrophy to be cancelled - it is too much of a financial risk for Jaguar at this time. That's a shame - but we can continue the series in 1/32 scale... There are some great liveries from the first two seasons for Scalextric to put on their I-Pace - I hope to be pleasantly surprised next January.

In the meantime, the two individual cars are still available (I will review my red #3 cars at some point...) and Jadlams have the set cars on sale for £48.95 the pair here.

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