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News Presto Park Round 1 Slot it

We are here in 2020 at Presto Park with a change to the direction of racing from Anti clockwise to clockwise.

We also welcome new member Ken Mason who joined us for this first race night of the year.

Happy birthday to Alf and thanks for the cake.

Following our practice night last week, there were some slight changes and improvements to the track to make it better for racing clockwise and many changes to the scenery.

Many thanks to Mike for his dedication to the club in keeping such a great track and the social side of this great club.

To last nights racing.

It was a challenge for everyone getting used to running the opposite way around, but most members have really enjoyed the challenge. With lap times showing that all members being able to improve with the extra fast guys being bought down to the average drivers level as the results will show.

The heats where very interesting and results being very varied.

Lyle stamped his dominance on this class as he has done for the past couple of years after a slow start, The only mechanical problem for the night was Keith who had a power supply cable pull out of the guide which bought his car to a stand still, This was rectified in time for the finals.

Very few incidents happened during the heats with some exciting close racing throughout the heats.

To the Finals

Final E

Only 3 drivers in this one, Iain M, Gordon and Tone.
The lights went out for 25 laps and it was a good clean race with minimal incidents and places swapped throughout till Gordon managed to take the lead.
The result for this final was:-
1. Gordon
2. Tone
3. Iain M

Final D
A full grid for this one includes :- Keith, Gordon, Alf and Ray
The start lights went out and the cars raced away with Alf and Ray going ahead for Gordon and Keith and after half distance an incident in the swerves allowed keith through into the lead.
The rest of the race was a quiet affair giving a result as follows :-
1. Keith
2. Ray
3. Alf
4. Gordon

Final C
Again a full grid comprising of Keith, Ian R, Andy, and Steve.
The lights went out for the 25 laps with Steve and Andy racing away into a lead with Ian chasing hard and catching them.
A very close race followed and many drivers setting personal bests.
The result was :-
1. Andy
2. Ian R
3. Steve
4. Keith

Final B
This final line up of Andy, Alan, James H, and Mike.
Last year this could have been an A final line up but they have been downgraded to this final.
The lights went out and the cars raced away very quick;ly , but stayed close for several laps before Alan managed to race away leaving the others to follow with minimal incidents the results was :-
1. Alan
2. James H
3. Mike
4. Andy

Final A
The big one of the night so on the grid we have Lyle, Ken, Alan, and Richard T.
The start was quick and close but a mistake by Richard put him behind and having to chase the main pack.
It was soon after quarter distance that Lyle managed to break away and after the 25 laps the top three managed to finish within half a lap of each other.
The result was :-
1. Lyle
2. Ken
3. Richard T
4. Alan

For the first night of racing clockwise it proved very successful and a great nights racing

Congrats to Alan for setting the fastest lap of the night and the lap record for the start of the season.

The nights results are :-

Lyle                      25

Ken                      23

Richard T             21

Alan                     20 + 1pt for fastest lap and new lap record 6.968 secs

James H              19

Mike                    18

Andy                    17

Ian R                    16

Steve                   15

Keith                    14

Ray                      13

Alf                        12

Gordon                11

Tone                    10

Iain M                    9

A great start to the new decade and year slot racing here in Norfolk is as strong as ever and the social benefits are great for all members.

Thanks to Mike and Averill for a great Club and to Ian R for helping to reverse the track ready for the new era of racing at Presto Park

Next week its Round 1 of our GT3 class

Look forward to seeing you all there.
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As an outsider, I would be interested in knowing the cars used by each driver, if that is how the racing is organised.

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