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UK HO Drag Proxy - Pancake Power - Sept 2022


Pancake Power is the third event in a four-event 2022 schedule at the Rock County Eighth Mile. In September, we'll mostly be running cars with those quirky horizontal pancake motors - the one exception is our regular Micro Scalextric Street Stock class. The regulations and format are in the 'UK HO Drag Proxy Series 2022 Preview' thread here.

The race coverage starts on page 3 here.

These are the classes we'll be running...
  • Micro Scalextric Street Stock
  • NHRA Top Fuel
  • 4-Gear: NHRA or Nostalgia bodies
  • T-Jet: Nostalgia or modern bodies
  • X-Traction / Magnatraction: Nostalgia or modern bodies
  • Pancake match racing & exhibitions welcome
The Track: The Rock County Eighth Mile is a seven-foot timed strip (1/8 mile in true HO scale) made from the new 2019 Micro Scalextric sectional track. Cars must be fitted with braids to run on this track. Power is set at 12 volts and 8 amps across the two lanes. Power to both lanes is triggered by a single push button switch firing a relay board. Timing is via Trackmate Drag Basic. After the finish line, there is a two-foot shutdown with dynamic braking and a well-padded catch box.

The Format: The events runs mid-week on Tuesday and Wednesday, with racing through both days - usually with the elimination rounds on the same day as qualifying for each class.

Sending cars: Aim for your cars to arrive in Brighton at least 72 hours before the first day of the event, so they can be quarantined (if necessary) and then registered for qualifying. Please also pack in a small box - max height 7.5cm if possible. These races are designed to be Covid-safe events that are accessible to everyone. You may - of course - send cars for several races or the full duration of the series  - just let me know.

How to enter: Send me a private message or add a reply below. One car per class may be entered per person. Family members and friends are very welcome to enter too. I will message you with the address to send cars to. You will need to pay for return postage. Otherwise there is no race fee.

Overseas entrants must talk to me about customs forms on their parcels! The recipient (me) will normally be charged 20% of the stated value of the parcel, plus an £8 handling fee. As cars sent to these races are not commercial goods, I need to explain how to alert UK customs to this fact and avoid the fees.

Entries Race #18 - Pancake Power - 13-14 September 2022

Micro Scalextric Street Stock: Jane, Jeremy, Pete, Jerome, Mary, Anna, Pat, Sue, Andy, Rebecca, Nico, Clive, Iain, Rose, Bill, Kev (16)

NHRA Top Fuel: Pete, Jerome, Andy, Rebecca, Nico, Clive, Iain, Bill (8)

4-Gear: Pete, Jerome, Sue, Andy, Rebecca, Nico, Clive, Iain, Bill, Ken, Kev (11)

T-Jet: Andy, Rebecca, Nico, Clive, Iain, Bill, Ken, Kev (8)

X-Traction / Magnatraction: Nico, Andy, Rebecca, Clive, Iain, Bill, Ken, Kev (8)

Pancake Match Racing: Nico vs Kev (Independent front axle 3-Gear) +  Clive vs  Iain (Skinny T-Jets)
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I am in for all classes!

Looking forward to good races as always!!

Thanks Andy for all the effort!!

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Andy, Really looking forward to the event Thumbup.. 
Please put me in for all classes.
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I am working to get some cars ready for the event.  It is about time to ship, if the are to make it in time.  Having to overcome issues with Slot Dragon timing system, due to lightning.  Will have another go at it today.
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Hi Bill, I saw your post on nitroslots about the lightning strike. That was bad and I hope you get things sorted soon. The postage across the pond seems to be nearly back to normal speed now. The last cars came back to be from Jeff in ten days.

During practice one lane of my Microscalextic track was shredding braids, mangling pick up shoes and springs, pole vaulting cars and removed a guide pin.  This was happening on the lane with the conductor joints open toward the cars.  In the past my practice was was done strictly in the other lane but was trying run cars down both lanes yesterday. Problem was in the old section of the track, not the recently added shut-down area.  It was surprising how bad it was. It even shredded some of the MS car’s braids.  Most of the trouble was in the outer rail.

The problem is most likely that people bent the tops of the openings up when taking the sections apart.  I filed the edges an pushed on them with a small flat screwdriver, to try to fix the problem.

The long term fix may involve a major repaving job.  Thinking about pulling up all of the rails from that lane, turn them around and reinstall.

I have to commend Andy for maintaining such a smooth track.  There have been very few problems over numerous events on his track.  The cars that did have issues had flat braids that caught an edge.
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Hi Andy, please put me in for all classes - even the X-traction!
Looking forward to the racing. Iain
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I'm in,
2 cars for 4Gear,
possibly 1 car XT and possibly 1 car MS Street Stock.

Greatings from Germany Checkeredflag
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Tracking: LV672664743US

US Tracking: 9400 1111 0803 3832 8264 59

5 cars going out today.
1 MS Street Stock
1 TJET Nostalgia
1 Magnatraction Pro Stock
1 Nostalgia Funny Car
1 Top Fuel

Looking forward to more great racing action! Checkeredflag
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Kindly put me down for T-jet, and 4-gear nostalgia please? I can't find my magnatraction car. Oh well. I'm blaming it on chemo treatments.

Best of luck to everyone!

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