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Question Advice on racing on new track

Nice summary Alan!!

Thanks Alan, good advice.

At the moment I will be taking over a variety of cars and seeing what works best and use that as a starting point.  Not much to compare with at the moment as besides the owner I have just seen one other person there so far.  Means I can get a lot of track time to myself to practice, and try all the lanes too - not that I notice too much of a difference yet at my skill level.

I am suspecting the Plafit chassis cars may work well on there with it being a Banpro track.  So will take my Banpro beginner cars there to try, and also see if I can score some rubber there to run my only full Banpro chassis car there.  Guy has a bit of stock there so will do some shopping too.

My DIY projects and failures at 

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