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Swedish Rally Track

If you want to make your own buildings, here's an example of how I did it on my Swedish Rally Track:

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An example could be found in a holiday brochure about Sweden.                            The drawing of the house and the four 3mm plywood walls.

Testing all parts together.                                                                                                             Sawing the walls to get that typical plank structure.

Drilling holes for the window and door openings.                                                             All openings are finished.

Gluing the balsa wood window and door frames.                                                             Some patience was required.

Testing all parts together again before gluing.                                                                    White glue on the walls.

Clamping the walls.                                                                                                                        Clamping the roof to the walls.
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Here you can see the next phase of the construction process:

Creating the balsa wood roof trim.                                                                                          The rain gutter brackets were made from a strip of paper.

Painting the typical white edges.                                                                                             Gluing the aluminum downspouts to the building.

Roof details.                                                                                                                                      Painting the chimney.

Roof grit.                                                                                                                                              Gluing the plastic windows and the cotton curtains.

Applying tile adhesive to the roof.                                                                                            Finish with a wet sponge.

Applying tile adhesive to the windowsill.                                                                              The Swedish house is finished.

..and positioned on the Swedish Rally Track.                                                                      Rally action.
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A liittle masterpiece! Thumbup
Always very interesting to see your work.

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Wow! Just coming back to this thread after almost a year. This is a really fantastic track. The details set the mood. The fine woodwork on your buildings is superb!
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Every time I see your work, I want to go hit my stuff with a hammer. 

Just incredible detail!

That would be a waste!
I love your track.
It's always interesting to see that everyone has their own style.

Hub Thumbup

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