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(18th-May-23, 02:35 PM)BARacer Wrote:  Thanks for a fun evening!  How to up with fast drivers! Don’t forget the mechanic..
Nice project. I’d planned something similar for the SCX body but since Slotit have announced they will actually model the EvoII I’m tempted just to wait for it.
Well done to Ryan, Oliver and Matthew for securing GT title with one round to go!
Is that Terry in the flat cap and splendid pink shirt? Very Goodwood. The lad next to him in the Hoonigan hoodie is NOT very Goodwood  :rofl:
Well done to the WHO crew for holding the meeting, and Andy for the race report!
(8th-Jun-22, 10:13 AM)Qman Wrote:   (8th-Jun-22, 09:34 AM)LMP Wrote:  Update; My bargainous purchase arrived today A-OK. Has anyone else had their items? Not yet, did you get an email conf...
Update; My bargainous purchase arrived today A-OK. Has anyone else had their items?
In my latest video you can follow my adventures in the Netherlands for the Suzuka Double Digital race weekend held at SRC Eindhoven on their fantastic Ninco Suzuka replica. Video contains; Cats Coff...
From order confirmation email; Quote:PLEASE READ ! Dear Valued Customers, Please Note Our Shop, Office and Dispatch are now Closed until 3rd June 03/06/2022 as advised on checkout at time of this ord...
SlotRacer online exclusive; DiSCA WEC will use the 1171 G25 up until the technical regs change to introduce LM hypercar. The LMHY category will then use it’s own unique compound..
For the record, here’s our braid after the race. It was fitted Friday morning ? [attachment=22526]
After everything that’s gone on, I’m pleased to know that’s your conclusive comment!
(26th-Mar-22, 11:39 AM)BARacer Wrote:  However, if I forget the kettle, I might struggle. (and I should have known I wouldn't be able to buy some normal Heinz Pot Noodles in our local Waitrose)...
I think you’d be better off factoring IN the board size, then using a (scalextric) track designer to design a layout on that board, and then route it. Agree with Steve above, a figure eight will give...
Very nice work. It reminds me of the first track I built back at my parents place, which was more Riverside based and ten years down the line, but also had printed cloth banners. I’ve not seen that co...
Rare footage from my collection;[attachment=19704][attachment=19705]
All avant cars have 16.5 dia wheels if you wanted to match, although they use fairly low profile tyres so a 15 with a bigger tyre might work too. A shame they’re so “under wheeled” but that’s they wa...
Hi Jeremy I’m not massively experienced with standard Avants but from what I have experienced, the degree of freedom the peg and slots give the pod vary wildly between cars. Just a tolerance thing. ...