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Yes, I've mixed and matched gears for years.
A quick google for 'basic slot car controllers' tells us they're DS Racing controllers
AW shaft drive 4WD should be interesting
Definitely, it seems to be the only platform that connects all our club members because most have never visited a slot car forum and don't want to.
The reality is like this, even if it was true would losing your FB account be the end of the world? :bigsmile:  ...just start another...
Wow what a beautiful car! [attachment=35481] [attachment=35482]
Tape only interior is something I'll try to avoid doing in future but it's quick to do and can come loose like time shoe goo over the edges of the tape for me
Your Porsche certainly had independently rotating fronts when I did the car preview... Go to 1:26:00 [Video:]
I had to read that 2 or 3 times. A suggestion for the Trans Am cars to reflect the different engine sizes: U. 2 litre - Goodwood Revival Proxy event 1-3 motors only 2-2.5 litre - Goodwood Revival Pr...
How to ruin what should be an exciting lineup of new cars... Two iconic 1930's/early 40's GP cars, Auto Union D type and Maserati 4CLT Very nice looking cars, great looking chassis...ruined by addin...
In time for the Classic Road Race proxy in 2025...maybe...hopefully... [attachment=35399] [attachment=35400]
(25th-Aug-21, 10:01 AM)OXO cube Wrote:  tyre oil spit / fling issue solved  [Video:] kev That's a great idea, tyre oiling at squish h...
The original chassis is still complete, do I get another Corvette and use that and keep this one as a survivor of the very last 'proper' IPS?
2 fabulous cars there :thumbup: :thumbup:
I always put tape over the slot on a motor inside the car to stop crud getting in...the slot under the car doesn't seem to attract crud the same.
I only saw it by pure chance, the missus had gone to bed, I popped out to the bin and noticed something very strange in the sky, long grey lines right over the house and directly overhead looked like ...
Isle of Man, Friday 10th May 2024 These are taken right at the northern tip of the city lights for miles! At these latitudes our eyes only see shades of grey in low light but a camera se...
I've previously bought those same grub screws from that seller which reminds me I've only got a few left and need to order more. If it wasn't for the expense of taking a car on the ferry (£320 return...
Cars seen last night...the new owner of the General Lee (recently bought here on the forum) had a huge grin on his face after the first race Steeds Jaguar XJ12C was the only 'racing special' but only...
[attachment=35224]        Despite all the misgivings about this 'class' the first one in February was brilliant fun and I couldn't wait for the next one...well the next one is tomorrow night, at a g...