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[attachment=32720] The postman delivered my latest purchase today. A Model motoring Mustang hard top in mint unused condition.
(29th-Aug-23, 05:37 PM)BARacer Wrote:  I have been after a 300 SLR for the Worthing Digital Sussex Trophy Race. We have just stopped off for the night at our daughters on our way to Scotland. Sh...
(7th-Nov-23, 07:31 PM)Pineman Wrote:  Not quite following what you doing,  could you just explain in a brief sentence?  I'll try... The blue wires in the image are soldered to underside of the ...
Nice,  I like, where did you buy the kit and the chassis  ?
Nice Jags! Congrats Clive. And in three lovely colours too. I was at a slot car show a few weeks ago. I got my very first Aurora Jags and Daytonas. Why two white Jags? Because the second one was che...
There were a few 1/32 vendors also. The ratio was about 70% HO. I have been looking for this Mustang for a long time, but could not afford it. It finally came home yesterday. [attachment=32122] [att...
I picked up this Aurora Maserati 3500 at a flea market this past summer. It was a little beat up and covered with decals. The wheels and tires were terrible. [attachment=32096] Nothing like a little...
Cool looking chassis, Nico. This is the first time I've seen that one. However, plate style chassis have been around for a long time. Most plate chassis will fit a full interior. Even with the 1/32 sc...
This was the status a week ago. [Image:] There has been some progress: -the red GTam is almost finished,missing mirrors and apropriate inserts [at...
My club just split LMP and LMP GT into two separate classes. I only had GT cars up until now. That forced me to buy another RTR car, dang it.  :bigsmile: [attachment=31020]
There was a slot car flea market today. I found a car or two. [attachment=30998] [attachment=30999] [attachment=31000] [attachment=31001] This Aurora Galaxy XL 500 was the most intersting find of t...
A couple of Cheapish BRMS arrived in last weeks :) [attachment=30875][attachment=30876] [attachment=30891][attachment=30892]
A couple bought recently :) [attachment=30868][attachment=30869][attachment=30870][attachment=30871] MMK - wonderfully detailed by Vincent Delaine. I had not relised that Victor at MMK has hung up ...
I have many versions of all the cars that had them. Jaguar and Mazda Group Cs, Volvo and Peugeot Touring cars and Chevy and Ford NASCARs. When I joined the Petersfield Scalextric Club in September 19...
And another [attachment=30612] Price £55 + PP Please send me pm if your interested
[attachment=30601] The latest arrival from America. A very pretty 55 Chevy, Mr. Postman. Pure white with a cherry red roof.
I picked these 2 up recently :) [attachment=30591][attachment=30592]
To be fair they arrived a year ago, there's a group dedicated to this and was pushed by Bob Budge and Richard Mack
It's time to dust off the machinery. It's been too long. I need to make a new class of car (Indy-500) with a front motor drive system. The Watson Indy was a great car in it's day. It originally start...