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(23rd-Jun-22, 02:21 PM)Top Down Wrote:  My final MG Vanquish purchases arrived today from (can I say it?) Phil Smith.  I bought several cars from him at Gaydon and at the time he suggested I ch...
Here's my first of the year... just gorgeous it is!! EDIT: I tried deleting the first picture  - I color corrected it and added it - but it won't remove it
(12th-Jun-22, 04:35 AM)woodcote Wrote:  The distributor had a sample at the slot car festival. It hasn’t been released yet, although I suspect they are on the production line at Teamslot at the ...
I've got the Rothmans on pre-order - can't wait to finally get it one day...!
I was in Monte Carlo back in 2008 and 9 - I know, forever ago!!! But there was an amazing slot car and model shop across the street from the main marina. I can't imagine its still there, but you never...
I'm getting closer to the end with this one... [attachment=22453]
Is this what you're looking for? [attachment=21004][attachment=21003][attachment=21002][attachment=21001]
You might want to get some Novus polish and use a 3mm circular polishing pad.
(20th-Jan-22, 11:30 PM)Scuderia_Turini Wrote:   (20th-Jan-22, 04:08 AM)DPJ Wrote:  Finally received the custom rims for the Countach. Now I need to redo the rear chrome, do the front chrome...
Finally received the custom rims for the Countach. Now I need to redo the rear chrome, do the front chrome, glue them inplace and find tires! [attachment=20856]
Looks like every car can benefit from those parts!! I'd like to buy some too!
Carrera is great track. The metal rails will not rust and clean easily.
(12th-Dec-21, 07:41 PM)Savage GT Wrote:  An absolute farce today, FIA need to be restructured and sorted out. I didn't care who won the championship, both drivers deserved it for various reason...
(12th-Dec-21, 05:19 AM)Brumos RSR Wrote:  Latest addition still deciding on wheel color, silver, black or grey Looks nice, but... you said "color"... I say Red the same as the flag on the door! ...
It sounds like the wavelength of the Pit lighting is causing the issue with the IR lap counter
He's a Legend walking! [attachment=19409]
(12th-Nov-21, 06:09 PM)Slot Trumps Wrote:  This old dirty MAN, I saved it from the scrap heap and had to put a new rear axle in, bushes and crown gear, first time I've ever used Slot.It parts an...
It probably doesn't count, but I just Pre-Ordered 2 cars... [attachment=19162][attachment=19161]
If you'd like to follow my build you can find it here progress... [attachment=19116]