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(9th-Aug-22, 07:47 AM)rallyhub Wrote:  I'll show the new track here as soon as possible. Hub :thumbup: :cool: I'm holding my breath! :sun:  Carver
It turned out I didn't have to worry. Nothing wrong with the Slot Car Fever decals! [attachment=25270] Thanks for the help! Carver
(1st-Aug-22, 03:54 PM)Barc Wrote:  It is really nice to see some builders in action There still are some of us... :sun:  Thanks for showing your cars, looking very good! Is "Thunderslotted" the...
Thanks for the comments! I think I am slowly loading for making a barn find racer. :cool: I really like making things look old and aged, maybe 'cause I am not that new and fresh myself... :sun: I fi...
I may have built one or two slot cars that didn't turn out to be super racers... :checkeredflag:   This, however, would be beyond my red line! :bigsmile: Carver
As part of my scenery, I have a Fergie, one of the cheap Atlas models. I always thought it was too shiny! With a little simple paint and weathering, covered with flat clear, it looks a little bit use...
If I wasn't so far away, I'd love to drop by for a photo session with Swedish cars... :sun:  [attachment=25042] [attachment=25043] Carver
Thanks, Alan,  I can fill in most of the columns, but unfortunately not the two sets advice. I will spray a coat of Tamyia ( no Halford in this neck of the woods) and apply only one decal a day... Ca...
It's been a while! After a long break, I am slowly starting up with a new trackside building. [attachment=24933] [attachment=24934] I cut away too much material between the stones but filled with pl...
Impressive!  I really like to follow your somewhat unusual projects! :thumbup:  Carver
Very nice article and videos! Thanks. Carver
As always, your work is a great inspiration! :thumbup:  Carver
:bravo: You should be very pleased! :cool:
Back to work after a break! I have reworked the tail once more and tried some glitter. [attachment=23190] [attachment=23191] [attachment=23192] [attachment=23193] Looks like it will be a well-used s...
Hi Tibbs, The bumpers are made from 1mm and 0,5mm styrene sheets glued together. I start with 1mm and make a piece including the mounting. Then, leaving the mounting out, I glue on the thinner ones to...
Struggling on with the Goggo! [attachment=22169] I have started with the bumpers to get a better view. [attachment=22170] [attachment=22171] All this is a bit beyond my skills. But who cares as lon...
Amazing! :thumbup:  Carver
Yes, that Vespa is a sweetie! It was never sold here, up north, although their scooters were all over the place. I am familiar with it anyway, I had and still have, the lovely french Dinky model. No...
I carved away too much of the tail, so I had to build it up again with milliput. It is slowly taking shape. . [attachment=21895] [attachment=21896] [attachment=21897] [attachment=21898] Carver
Great idea! Sorry, I did not get mine finished in time... :sun:  [attachment=21794] Will be Greta Molander's Monte Carlo lady cup winner. [attachment=21795] Carver