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Put me down for a Class B Maserati A6GS and a Class C Porsche 914/6 (I think)  :rofl:
Obviously my idea of hingeing the droparm behind the rear wheels doesn't work, I had thought of an articulated droparm, perhaps next year, but for now can I just ask the hosts to attempt some jumps wi...
I think the 2CV  will need to 'take some air' to get over those bridges :tease:
Is anyone else looking at these photos and thinking "What have I let myself into?" Oh well, too late to worry, what will be will be
I can highly recommend the z-machine kits from Slot Car Union in France, 2 wire connection and the tiniest LEDs you'll ever see, post to the UK is fine, and (touch wood) I haven't been stung for custo...
I agree with you, boths bonkers & brilliant in equal measures :tease:
I'm currently trying to work some magic on my Jake Hill Civic, I'm hoping to get similar results to my Andy Priaulx BMW, currently unbeaten in our production class
I plucked up the courage to race my latest buy, a Thunderslot Lola (my first Thunderslot), it felt very smooth but not as fast as my NSR Mosler but I had to try it, only qualified for the 'C' final bu...
I've now got 4 cars on pre-order, a TeamSlot Escort, Revoslot Alfa & Escort and a Thunderslot Mustang... I just hope they dont all try to leave my bank account at the same time :sweating: I did u...
I've found another mention of him here: Link to chassis by tomato_007 and the chassis you are looking for is here: Toyota chassis
(19th-Jun-22, 11:59 PM)Kevan Wrote:  Just watched the rest of the videos on youtube You sat through all 11 of them?? :drinkingcheers: :bravo: Even I haven't done that yet
One of our members has posted a couple of vids on our Facebook group I cant see any way of getting them here but you are all most welcome to vi...
Thanks Kevan, I'll have a look later Woodland Fort stage NOW... back to business, Youtube has been uploading for about 2 hours, currently on file 2 of 11 :tappingfoot:  we might have a wait for this ...
Wow... what a great evening we had at the 'Fort, I was expecting ill handling, slow old cars, what a surprise, they were WONDERFUL. We only had 5 members last night (holidays prevented more) but you...
(12th-Jun-22, 04:07 AM)DPJ Wrote:  On Nov 5, 2021 I pre-ordered the Teamslot TS-SRE21 Zakspeed Ford Escort Rothmans, and have yet to hear anything about its release. Does anyone know if these a...
Finally the postman has arrived, with 3 parcels from TSnT, along with another package that should have arrived Tuesday and a whole load of mail. I think there's been a problem with the post this end,...
(29th-Apr-22, 04:16 PM)woodcote Wrote:  The latest news from Revoslot is that these Alfas will be delivered around the second week of June. Getting quite excited now, 2nd weekof June is here :wr...
We will find out soon enough, none of us are out of pocket (yet), but I'm guessing that plenty of us have spent too much, I know I've been back 3 times and found something extra each one, could have s...
Welcome to the report from Woodland Fort Let me firstly introduce your drivers for the evening, in no particular order we have Graeme Bickford, Ian Chanter, John Down, Ant Daw, Mike Stonehouse, Ken Ki...
They've arrived in Cornwall, I'll give them a check over later then it'll be a 20 minute road trip to Woodland Fort in Plymouth tomorrow evening. [attachment=23701]