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:wavegreen: Good Morning, After a great days racing at the 1st BRM 1/24th National race in the UK, it s back to the proxy..... Having considered all things that passed ........ and again I hope BARa...
Nowt to do with age, Bernie nailed it  :thumbup:
Expect a review of the new nsr 22 f1 car as soon as I get my hands on one. :sun: Alan W
The cars have landed in Kent. I'll get them out and give them a once over over the weekend. If all goes to plan, we should be running the round at Viking SCC in the early part of next week.
We get round these problems by classifying non-plastic chassis cars as 'Open Class', any plastic chassis with a pod as 'Pro-Stock' and all the one-piece unpodded chassis cars as 'Standard Class'.  Of ...
Oaktree Racers have survived the arduous journey to SMSRC so will be included in round 2 on Sunday  :checkeredflag:
HEADLINE NEWS ! After a long series of doubts and car rebuilds Oaktree Racers are sending their cars to me tomorrow  :wrench: They of course will need to be vetted and photographed before being allow...
(28th-Jun-22, 05:01 PM)Qman Wrote:  ...I did utter that immortal line not so long ago... "I'm not buying any more cars this year" That's the chorus  :bigsmile:
Once you get into pre - 1960 F1 & earlier GP cars you'll find a hugely diverse range. Have a look through the CSCRA guidelines. This is the GP Standards with tyre diameters, widths and track dim...
(8th-Jun-22, 10:13 AM)Qman Wrote:   (8th-Jun-22, 09:34 AM)LMP Wrote:  Update; My bargainous purchase arrived today A-OK. Has anyone else had their items? Not yet, did you get an email conf...
My order was charged 3 June and I hadn't received any email saying that it was on the way but it arrived this morning, well packed as usual. My guess is that they haven't got time to send out emails a...
Postie has just delivered my order so all good. Couple of Scalextric BMW M3s, couldn't resist at the price. Although they are up and running stocks are still near zero though. No sign of any restockin...
Excellent. Mine arrived out of the blue this morning. Paid less for the lot posted than a rival's sale price for the Fiat alone - without postage.  [attachment=24087]
Update; My bargainous purchase arrived today A-OK. Has anyone else had their items?
I've got the Rothmans on pre-order - can't wait to finally get it one day...!
As expected, this turned out more difficult than expected... :banghead: While working, I have been thinking this would suit the 3D guys better than my medieval methods. :sun: The Goggo has gone thr...
At last i managed to make the Mono X run .As a result the pile is building up: 5 Alfa Romeos (33/3,periscopica,stradale,Montreal,Giulietta sedan) 3 Ferraris (712,Supersqualo,350) and a Saab 96/1961 [a...
If you use chrome there is a better way. You can download the following extension, which allows you to select any text in a pdf, right click and choose translate. The translation appears in a pop up, ...
I think slot cars can smell fear, nearly every catastrophic failure I've ever had has been snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, if a wheel comes off or a gear gets stripped it will definitely be...