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I'll have to get there one day when down next
I've got a load of Ron's figures and have just finished my first one. I decided to just do one for a start to work out a technique, pretty happy the way it went. These figures really are well detailed...
(20th-Mar-23, 09:06 PM)knoath Wrote:  Any progress on this build? All completed many months back, if you scroll up through the posts you will see the finished gantry in the rtacing photos
Super track, would be great to drive round  :thumbup:
(16th-Mar-23, 10:08 PM)knoath Wrote:  Did you download an STL of the body? If so, where can I find it? :beer: I bought the file on
The Slot Track Scenics spectator- and extra accessories set are now ready, as are 10 fire extinguishers: I hope you like the photos. Hub :thumbup: [attachment=25373][attachment=25374] [attachment=...
Today I finished the fire extinguishers. I had overlooked that the decals had to be ordered separately. I didn't expect that. [attachment=25360][attachment=25361]