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Welcome aboard. :wavegreen:  That's a very strange issue. Since these will all be injection moulded plastic, so you wouldn't really expect such significant variations.
Sounds like you had a great weekend. :thumbup:
Yes I know, but that's an unusual route, I'd say I reckon that well over half of the people in the hobby started out with a plastic track, and might not have ever got into slot racing without it. It...
Yes but most people in the hobby would have started out with a plastic track. A Scalextric, or Carrera set is a massively important gateway into the hobby.
Obviously a track can be made, and yes a well made routed track is great. I'm a huge fan of routed tracks. But plastic track is what draws people into the hobby, it's what most people started out wit...
Brilliant. What a great little layout. :thumbup:
I thought the NSR V Carrera match up was interesting, because it was like comparing apples to something completely different, like ermmm.... curtains. I would definitely go for Carrera, just because ...
Do we have VAR at this world cup?
Marvellous, really well done. :wrench:
As Ken has said, it's most likely a problem with the connections. As well as cleaning the connectors you can also tighten them up by pushing up the metal lugs on the underside of the track.
I was a little concerned to read that the Spanish GP is moving from Barcelona to Madrid from 2026. It's not that I'm a huge fan of Catalunya, and I know nothing about the proposed Madrid track, but ...
NSR released their 2024 catalogue yesterday. [attachment=33501]   It's available from the NSR website and it's also now available in The Library.
Great to see the Anglia and the Golf. I might wait until we get some rally liveries though.
I didn't realise igloos had basements. :rofl:  Nice work though.
Welcome aboard. :wavegreen: Great little track you've made, and the number of figures you've got really bring it to life.
Ken, we don't have any problem with links to other forums, as long as it's relevant, which this obviously is.
Wow, that's absolutely brilliant. :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:
For anybody that is interested in the history of motorsport, then Historic Racing have both a website and a facebook page which have some interesting content. Their website looks a little uncared fo...
The 2024 SlotRacer Calendar is now available to download... [attachment=32751][attachment=32763][attachment=32754][attachment=32753][attachment=32757][attachment=32749][attachment=32758][attachment=3...
Well I've now had the bloomin Rally Report theme tune rattling incessantly round my head for several days. For those of you who are too young, or not blessed with an interest in rallying, or not from...