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Ponies: Camaros race tuned I don't own any nascar  AlanW 
Jeremy,  On plastic track,  Ballast on the chassis. A roll of putty/blutak or lead, filling the inch in front of the rear wheels, just inside the body. I generally don't weight cars, but the alfa? Jus...
It's been a while since I updated this thread with new Info. But a recent question (in another thread) prompted me to revisit this subject  Slot racing and tuning is a learning curve that never flatte...
Scaleauto cars? Looking on retailer websites, scaleauto use two sizes of spur gear for their 3/32 axles 15.8 mm 17mm To replace either of these with another manufacturer's gears, you will have to clos...
More of the same no doubt    :banghead:
Decals can vary so much from one printer to another. My techniques: 1. Use halfords car spray clear laquer as a thin coat over the decals  a day before cutting them. 2. Cut as close to the edge as po...
Ballast ballast ballast, You're going to get lots of feedback from lots racers with fixed entrenched views. The calibra is the choice of the touring cars, easily outperforming the Alfa and Mer...
I talked about my visit on GregGaub's "worldwide slot car chat" in the club-corner section. Start at about 49 minutes.
Oaklands Park Melton Mowbray AlanW
(7th-Jul-22, 11:05 AM)Kevan Wrote:  I think Alan is an ex rc guy also. I was an RC racer. 1/12th scale circuit racing at GEC Stychfields (Stafford) and multiple nationals plus one international ...
If you want to learn the ins and outs of tuning , try to visit your local club. Uk clubs generally run magless and have lots of racers with lots of expertise. Ps which county are you in? AlanW
Mark, Vic, Dave, Bill, Sean.  Thanks for a great evening's racing. Both Hayden and I really enjoyed the visit. The route home was quicker than expected at 90 minutes. Next visit I'll bring some test g...
I've been promising to visit  ever since ce you 1st posted club details on slotracer  So, Saturday 25th I will be there! I'll bring my nascotwood mosler pair , my nascotwood nsr corvette pair ,  My L...
Managed to completely avoid covid so far.  Still careful with hand washing and personal space.  Not wearing a mask anymore.  But BoneyM?  Noy my choice for sure but  who can possibly avoid that?
i've seen ts of posts and had many conversations over the recent months regarding the recent dip in NSR build quality. Not sure what has changed  at NSR in Salerno, but quality is now sometimes fallin...
(7th-Jun-22, 06:18 AM)steveaca Wrote:  It will be interesting to see the amount of torsional flex in the chassis, as this will largely dictate the cars performance on wood vs. plastic tracks. Th...
An American public will be  completely perplexed by Kimi.  Single syllable answers, no smiles, no body movement, no eye contact. Bear in mind that to the Fins, Kimi is a mad extrovert! AlanW
Another really good vid from MrSkipp.  Captured the feel of the whole weekend and made me feel stupid and lazy for not being there.  A GasMonkey appearance at the 2023 event is certainly to be discuss...