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Many of those old Carrera cars aren't made in 1/32. I found a '49 Ford Tudor and '53 Beetle. I'm in the middle of converting a Ferrari 290mm into a 250 Monza for a Carrera event down the road. Good l...
Why stop at six?  :bigsmile: [attachment=35993]
Anthony, That's one seriously cool livery. Well done!
A funny thing is happening with the 1/25 Boulvard Cruiser class at the club where I race. Everyone is now trying to locate and build cars from their family history. Up next is a car I recently built f...
I would ask the electric company "What's wrong with a 4-mile extension cord? Saves on a lot of upgrading".
Big corporations ,fuel/oil, and power companies are only interested in keeping everyone dependent on them. They're not in support of anyone being self sufficient. It's simply not profitable.
(19th-Jun-24, 11:11 AM)StuBeeDoo Wrote:  I lied!  There is one more. That's it. I'm telling your mother.  :tease:
Graham, Thank you very kindly for the explanation. They're known as brass chassis around here. No problem about the B&W restriction. However, these aluminum chassis would make everyone's head sp...
What's the link for B&W chassis please? I'm not familiar with them. Cheers, Ken
Doug is so talented, that his frame over floweth.  :thumbup:
Red and green are the colours that colour-blind people often have trouble with. They would likely say the "red/green" one would win.  :sun:
My money is on the Land Rover to take the checkered flag!  :bigsmile: Did I win anything?
A 1963 Ford Galaxie 500 XL is on my bench at the moment. [attachment=35851]
That depends on what type of racing you do. Having a race with a few friends or family members after dinner usually doesn't require a huge budge or special parts. Standard axles will usually work qui...
I humbly thank you Kevan. You are very kind. It is indeed an "Olds mo boat".   :sun:
I'm with Kev on this one. I prefer inserts to go inside the wheel. [attachment=35639]
Hi Kev, Did you get what you were looking for? [attachment=35483] [attachment=35484]
A friend by the name of Chris B came over and painted a few bodies. It's his second try at painting. He's a great student. I think he's got the hang of it. Doug. Pics for you to critique.  :thumbup: ...
Just don't look when you post the pics. Problem solved.  :thumbup: I can make a custom chassis for you. It will run much faster, and handle better.