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Looks like you guys have a great selection of tracks to race on!  :thumbup:
Wow! Just coming back to this thread after almost a year. This is a really fantastic track. The details set the mood. The fine woodwork on your buildings is superb!
Palmer Divide has always been one of my all-time favorites - in all it's evolutions!
Cool track! It looks to have great flow. It just goes to show that you can have an amazing track even with somewhat limited space.
Wow! Really fantastic work on the trees and shrubbery. It looks very realistic! And I appreciate the tutorial. I may have to try my hand at a few. And the details on the buildings. The lighting really...
Fantastic looking track Carver! I love all the intricate details.
And a final few. The last photo shows the podium finishers.
More Trans Am cars. The cars were photographed in the approximate location of where they finished.
Still more, including some of the cars that belong to others who entered the Trans Am proxy.
I had the camera out for pics of the recent Trans Am proxy that was raced at Woodland Trace, so I thought I'd snap a few more staged pics of cars on my track. The sharp-eyed will notice a few small ch...
Wow! Those are superb! I especially like the Fiat, but they're all really awesome!
Ok. I don't feel so bad about my addiction now.  :bigsmile:   That is one awesome place! I saw 1/32 scale cars on the shelves, but is there a 1/32 track in there? Thanks for posting! Steve
Jason, Thanks for honoring me with "Track of the Year"! There are a lot of fantastic tracks out there, so this award means a lot. It means that I'm going to have to work on the track more to earn it!...
(4th-Jan-21, 09:59 PM)KensRedZed Wrote:  Some nice looking stuff, Steve.  :thumbup: Ack! That poor Mustang..  :ambulance: I had a difficult time hacking up a pristine body to make that Sportsm...
Thanks Anthony. We are fortunate that we have a small group of guys that get along well together and that we have almost as many tracks as we have guys in the group. Three of the tracks belong to Mode...
I'm not really a scratch-builder, more of a RTR tuner really, so I thought this thread belonged in the 1:32 Scale forum and not the Scratchbuild forum. Anyway, someone had asked on another of my thre...
(3rd-Jan-21, 12:28 PM)GT40Racer Wrote:  Hi Steve Great track. Do you have an overhead or track plan that you could share. Inspiration for a future track build. cheers David David, I drew up th...
(3rd-Jan-21, 02:12 AM)KensRedZed Wrote:  Super collection, Steve. You must have bought the whole store at some point?  :bigsmile: Well, not exactly Ken. I never set out to accumulate a collectio...