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Welcome here Stu  :wrench: It's a shame people mistakes likes for traffic and then complain there's less traffic. Posting pictures of a trip to Oxford (?), even with a Xmas cake was an all time low...
Bought a couple of Scaleauto Porsches, to be chipped :) [attachment=31529] [attachment=31528] [attachment=31527] [attachment=31526]
There is nothing wrong with the concept of social media, it's the way it is implemented in a capitalistic world. When a product is for free then you're the product. And who would pay, let's say $...
I wonder what will happen with Santa Claus coming winter, with his ho ho ho ;)
Just gave you a like Kevan, no problems here on a MacBook :sun:
Common back after so many years and taking the win can be called historical.  Win on Sunday, sell on Monday. I guess that Italian brand will sell some cars today  :sun:
Finally  :sun: [attachment=30529] [attachment=30530] [attachment=30531] And some aluminum wheels under the base: [attachment=30532]
Pendle restocked  :wrench: [attachment=29938] [attachment=29940]
We have a smart meter, it is needed if you have solar panels. I installed a small device that gives me live usage in an app. That gives me a chance to check to bills from my energy company and I can u...
Since the car is offered as a kit you could just leave the front spoiler in the package. Assembly instructions and pictures of the inline/long can motor on the SRC website.
Forgot to post here. LMM Aston Martin DBR1 Le Mans 1959 [attachment=27927] LMM Ferrari TR59 Le Mans 1960 [attachment=27928]
MB was the fastest car on the track yesterday, and Lewis didn‘t overtake George, so where did MB overtake faster cars then? Not in the race in saw. Agree that it is good to have three equal teams nex...
Another Ninco Porsche 934, if you have one you want to have more ;) [attachment=27111]
And I bought a Ninco Porsche Rally a week or so ago. [attachment=24858]
The SRC Ford Capri has landed :sun: [attachment=24856] [attachment=24855] [attachment=24857]
I think we’ll see most of these on the collector’s shelf looking pretty. 70% of sales according to Jules of Pioneer.
Follow my wife‘s advice: „sell some others first“  :rofl:
If you want a proper discussion here about f1 you could stop your childish behavior and spell Verstappens name right. Frustrations that Max won last year are still very strong, aren‘t they Kevin?
Remember that it all started with a ban on the grid girls  :banghead: