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Merry Christmas everyone, Santas arrive in Goodwood and The Targa Florio! [attachment=19881][attachment=19882]
Thanks for doing this so quickly Andy, grand job. Still can’t get on the Scalextric website! To quote Len Goodman I shall be preordering “SEVEN” cars for sure. Thanks again  Graham
Yes the Adam West Batmobile, to the Batcave Robin!
TVR Vixen  Triumph TR 3,4,5, 6 and GT6 Emma Peel and Steed The Avengers Box Set. Lamborghini Miura Not holding my breath for any of these as I think I may pass out!  :sun:
Just received mine looks great and runs very well, but why no spinners on the front wheels?
Really lovely work and well engineered, good job!
Thanks Alan, yes it crossed my mind that Fly would test on Carrera track as both Spanish. Although I do have some earlier Fly models that run fine, but I shan't lose any sleep over it  Cheers for the...
Magnet now gaffer taped higher up in the chassis, car runs well with a healthy tail slide!
The car is front engined so has no weight over the rear axle, without a magnet the car has no traction. I could weight it down but Fly should fit an appropriate strength magnet. It has nothing to do ...
Engineering masterclass!
Hi All Every picture tells a story!!! 150 Limited Edition Fly Goodwood 250 GTO arrived today, managed half a really slow track lap and then stopped. Magnet far too strong for a front engined chassis...
Absolutely, been on back order for months will go nicely with the 908/2's just arrived from Fly  :wrench:
I think it’s brilliant!
Classic if you hadn’t had said anything we wouldn’t have noticed! ? Still ten years is a good length of time not to have worried about it!
Hi All Having had my layout now for a couple of years and looking for some projects as the days get shorter, I decided to start modifying the Goodwood section. When I started the build for Goodwood I...
Again absolutely beautiful work, please don’t crash it when racing it ?
Beautiful job, sleek lines with classic paint work......class!
Hi Pip When I replied to your post I could only advise you on the experiences I've had with the cars I made recently. The latest being a Sunbeam Rapier from Pendle. On the underside of the car roof w...