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Methinks Kevan (and Leo) hit a raw nerve there   :rofl:  Trains are brilliant, just don't have room for them. Joel
Best to select just a couple of cars to prepare for the club track to keep it simple. For making your own tyres out of urethane rubber, try this Smooth on They do have a Japanese distributor Joel
Whereas things in houses are switched via the live side (most probably for safety reasons), in industrial devices they are frequently switched via the neutral/ground side, as it is more reliable and p...
(28th-Feb-20, 08:07 PM)Slalom4me Wrote:   Placing a resistor in the circuit connected to the windings of the armature creates a "Load".  Energy from the electrical power produced by the `generat...
You might be able to find out on Google maps if the shop is still there, main tourist destinations like Monaco are updated quite regularly. Joel
(31st-Mar-22, 07:07 AM)Nonfractal Wrote:  - If you have anything less than infinite resistance between the rails "all the time",  this is a short circuit  and the track won't be able to power th...
(28th-Mar-22, 01:03 PM)Nonfractal Wrote:  The question of whether to use diodes or resistors was decided after enquiring at LSC about the braking technology built into their plug points. LSC use...
Nice build Carver, and good choice of subject, to go with it, you could build a Vespa 400 next. [attachment=22069] What people don't realise is that micro cars are alive and kicking in France, with L...
(4th-Mar-22, 10:53 AM)Kevan Wrote:  The #1 advantage as long as a printable file is available is you can go bonkers with a 3D cut'n'shut Take two '55 Chevy's... If you carried out that insanity...
Out of curiosity, does anyone make a sideways pod for the short boxer type motor? FK130 I believe. Joel
I am not at all sure it does clean the track, the CM track is gloss, it doesn't visibly rubber up, there is nothing for the silicons to pick up. Silicon itself might be inert, but there is no telling...
(5th-Jun-20, 12:16 AM)slotloco Wrote:  I have read two comments about silicons, which are "relative truth". Please allow me to add my relative truth to the relative truth expressed in the quoted...
The Renault "kit" is a fake created by a brilliant artist called John Frye, it would be fairly easy to do starting with the Heller kit. Here is a link to his website Joel
Is that a Giulia GTam? Brave man :sun: ! Having said that, as they are allowing the Capri and the Mustang, I guess the Alfa will be OK. Not sure what I will do yet, but here are a few I am looking at ...
Without doubt, the one and only "Le Pere Noel est une ordure" which translates to Father Christmas is a bastard. Joel
(6th-Dec-21, 10:21 AM)CMOTD Wrote:  Regardless of all the Max/Lewis shenanigans the FIA couldn't organise the proverbial piss up in a brewery. What possessed them to authorise a high speed stree...
I guess they want to keep it simple and leave the participants to sort things out in concours. By and large it works. Doesn't really bother me, I once finished 9th in the 1/32nd race with a microscopi...
(14th-Nov-21, 05:42 PM)BARacer Wrote:  So 1:24 technology trickling down to 1:32? Richard Mack in the UK has been producing similar chassis, purpose designed for hard body cars for the last 4 or...
The Camaro will be sold. There will be too many big US cars for them to do well in concours. Joel
I have also been working on some saloon cars in preparation for Bordeaux. Camaro with unknown vacform body, but nice scratchbuilt chassis. [attachment=19437] Joel