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And then came the 25- the 2 versions I have are the lovely new 1/32nd Scalextric version and the old not fantastic 1/24th Revell version [attachment=29522][attachment=29523] Next in my collection is...
Possibly the earlest car I have (1-2-1 wise) is the Lotus 15 - this one by MMK. There are lots of versions out there however  ;) [attachment=29510][attachment=29511] Next on my list is the Lotus 19...
I have been involved with slot cars since the 60's. Was not terribly involved in club racing until the nineties. Then when arriving in Europe, got involved with my passion of vintage slot cars. Throug...
Helllooooo - welcome to the madhouse ...... not really :rofl: :rofl: - welcome back !!
I have been on a bit of 70's F1 buying and strangely had ordered that car - hmmm :tease:
Two of the best and most detailed cars of the 60's and now amonst the most desirable! :thumbup:
I have always wanted these sets but the selling price these days are just beyond my means. However I have managed to collect 3 of the cars over the years for reasonable prices..... [attachment=29454]...
Welcome on board - great to have you here!!!
The 4th picture above in the collage, with the Dunlop bridge, is very nostalgic of Sebring (I know theirs is not Dunlop) - looks fantastic, and Slotracer signage is great - THANK YOU!!
Welcome on board - good to have you here!!
Was brilliant!! Very informative from both sides of the story, families involved, and as a result was very sad. The mentality they both had, it was probably destined that they would die at speed.....
Mine is good as well!!! Watched the documentary last night - Villeneuve Pironi. very interesting and sad to be honest. A lot of family input and we tend to forget they were impacted the most. Well wo...
Doug - in that pic above - do you have a guide flag on it??? I have just spend a fruitless hour adjusting and trying to lower the car - and have a skinned finger for my troubles :rofl: :rofl:  Have ...
Gordon - I have in the past found that when this happens - spray from a distance an give a verrrrrry fine mist of primer - repeat several times. I have found this works on difficult bodies. Hope this...
Awesome track - and welcome here :) :thumbup: :thumbup: :wavegreen: Maybe start a new thread with your track - will be great to follow all your upgrades, improvements etc...
Welcome on board - good to have you here!!!
John looking forward to seeing your resin cars and pieces ;)