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Good job with the primer and nice airbrush! What needle did it come with? and I'm guessing that was a white kit...
(7th-Jul-22, 11:05 AM)Kevan Wrote:  There's a few ex rc guys here, I raced 1/12th and 1/10th for 37 years until visiting the local slot car club in 2015...not been back to the rc club since.  I ...
I'm reading the OP and looking at the pictures, and say to myself - I love those old F1 cars!! Then I look at mine and see they are different from the OP's. Mine are from the Limited Edition Scalextri...
(23rd-Jun-22, 02:21 PM)Top Down Wrote:  My final MG Vanquish purchases arrived today from (can I say it?) Phil Smith.  I bought several cars from him at Gaydon and at the time he suggested I ch...
Here's my first of the year... just gorgeous it is!! EDIT: I tried deleting the first picture  - I color corrected it and added it - but it won't remove it
(12th-Jun-22, 04:35 AM)woodcote Wrote:  The distributor had a sample at the slot car festival. It hasn’t been released yet, although I suspect they are on the production line at Teamslot at the ...
On Nov 5, 2021 I pre-ordered the Teamslot TS-SRE21 Zakspeed Ford Escort Rothmans, and have yet to hear anything about its release. Does anyone know if these are being shipped? Thanks!
I've got the Rothmans on pre-order - can't wait to finally get it one day...!
Hello Angelo, I downloaded and look through your chassis list - and I have a question regarding a Fly Lister Storm entry. It seems you make a Dual SW Motor chassis for it...? Can you post pictures of ...
I was in Monte Carlo back in 2008 and 9 - I know, forever ago!!! But there was an amazing slot car and model shop across the street from the main marina. I can't imagine its still there, but you never...
(2nd-Apr-22, 05:13 PM)Serpico Wrote:  Going to Spain in a couple of weeks and thinking of seeking out a slot car shop. Currently have a Scalextric Sport track analogue layout; anything I should ...
I'm getting closer to the end with this one... [attachment=22453]
Is this what you're looking for? [attachment=21004][attachment=21003][attachment=21002][attachment=21001]
I always use Super-Gold + non fogging CA when I'm working with clear parts and I need a super bond. Otherwise I use Model Master clear drying window maker. @Gpa113 - lets see pics of it!
You might want to get some Novus polish and use a 3mm circular polishing pad.
(20th-Jan-22, 11:30 PM)Scuderia_Turini Wrote:   (20th-Jan-22, 04:08 AM)DPJ Wrote:  Finally received the custom rims for the Countach. Now I need to redo the rear chrome, do the front chrome...
Finally received the custom rims for the Countach. Now I need to redo the rear chrome, do the front chrome, glue them inplace and find tires! [attachment=20856]
(15th-Sep-21, 09:08 AM)964rh Wrote:  Morning all Is there anyway to revive the paint on car with tampo decals? Bought a nice Scalextric GT40 in Gulf colours from a forum member with a faded fr...
Looks really nice! 9 switches and a crossover - looks like a ton of fun! Keep us in the loop!!
Hello and welcome! Very nice car and picture! What do you shoot with? and software? I'm guessing that shot above is digitally enhanced motion?