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Nice one Jason, Looks like the planning stage has already been an enjoyable experience for you. Hope things work out for you. Leo
Soon be time for the centenary celebrations ! Leo
Reference starting a 3D forum, I suggest referencing it as "3D Design" rather than "3D Printing". If nothing else, printers now come in different flavours. The design aspect is more skilled than the p...
Hello NoviMRacer, This sounds like a short circuit between the rails somewhere.  The short will be causing the thermal trip in the power-pack to break the circuit, then cool down and re-make the conne...
Ten one-hour long episodes - wow.   Hopefully one episode will be dedicated to the Scalextric brand so no need to watch the whole lot. Leo     ...
(25th-Sep-21, 08:02 AM)Johnno Wrote:  Is there a list of these meetings that shows what was talked about? Once you have looked through Jeremy's helpful summary, you can speed through the Youtube...
Some nice cars there Fast Co.  Your track is superb so any cars will look good on it !! Leo
There was some mention of these "Scalex43" sets that Scalextric UK produce for the Australian market.  I just noticed that some have  surfaced in the UK at Time Tunnel Models. My connection with TTM i...
Hello Steve ! Welcome to the forum ! Leo
Hello Paolo, There are no pictures here :- ( Leo
Hello Paolo, greetings from Scotland. Layout looks great - I look forward to see some Lancias running around it. Leo
Yo Kev, Knowing the SCX Chrono units quite well, I am not offering to try!  As discussed, the use of the reed switch to sense the car passing is ultimately a limitation when running cars that don't ha...
Hello Kev, For timing, use the smart-phone App that Andy has been using. Just need to make something to hold the phone. I forget what it is called but Andy will advise. Leo
(19th-Aug-21, 03:20 PM)Bazzer Wrote:  ... Was there another hopped up Scalextric range called SRS or am I thinking of something different? Regards Baz Yes, Brian mentions this in the article....
The PCR tag was confusing as we already had PSR, PCS and PSK. Leo
Hello Saxinis , Greetings from Scotland.  Carrera Digital doesn't have much of a presence on English-speaking slot-car forums but there is some on here now. I think that the reason the Carerra system...
Excellent work Nico ! In 1:32 scale these would be impressive but at 1:64 they are super-impressive! Leo
Excellent!  Well done Anthony. The nice shiny exhausts fooled me. Leo