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Tickets purchased,  hoping the weather is kind,  can't wait! :bigsmile: :checkeredflag:
Inserts for me all the way, just like the extra detail. :thumbup:
Sounds a wise idea! :bigsmile:
Well done Jeremy  :thumbup: Great looking event, and the tracks appear to be just brilliant.  Love the extra off road effects they have added. Hope the journey home went smoothly... Pip
Great looking track Ken   :thumbup: That will be a blast to run some quick laps on,  have fun! Pip
Good luck Jeremy  :thumbup: Certainly looks a lot of fun!  Pip
WASP Slot do a very nice 1 32 scale Lawnmower and figure, you can find them on eBay and other outlets!!
Hi Tim, Great looking, layout  :thumbup: Looks like a good amount of Magnetic racing products on show, love the Ferris Wheel!  I have no practical knowledge of the Airfix track, but it looks good,...
Hello  Brian,  Thank you for once again updating this excellent resource.  I have just placed an order with Scale 3D, will update when they arrive.   I was particularly pleased to see they offered 3...
Hi Paul, When running a stage rally I have just used the DS Pro box, and clicked on the laps/time button to display the current running time. Think that's how you do it, but it's been a while.... Eve...
Hi Andy, Good point with regards to the new style release format. You are quite correct.   If the tail end of 2023, early 2024 releases were included in yesterday's announcement,  it would have had m...
Thank you Andy for another excellent introduction to the 2024 Scalextric range :thumbup: As a collector of many Historic race cars the Ford Anglia is very welcome indeed, thank you Hornby Scalextric...
Fingers crossed for Ecto 1, the Ghostbusters Cadillac Miller Meteor Ambulance  :thumbup: Unlikely, but I can hope.......
Ken, I will post pictures,  but only the good ones,  both of them  :bigsmile:
Who the heck paints 20 bodies in a row?  Not just you Ken,   me also  :thumbup: Still finishing off some of the resin bodies I painted Spring/Summer 2022  :sun: Deciding to build a new permanent 4...
Having re read your post, I have just worked out what you have done with the interior.  I had never thought to do that when chopping interiors to fit onto a different chassis, great idea, and so simpl...
Happy New Year Kevan, and everyone else :wavegreen: Definitely go with the mantra of enjoyment over winning, works for me, and my approach to this quirky hobby of ours. I'm planning a few changes at...
That's a very clever solution,  thanks Top Down.
Hi Ken, Fabulous looking cars again,  and you really appreciate the scale when you see the bare chassis.  It looks like it's designed for a Limousine!  :rofl: Merry Christmas, Pip