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Thanks for the reply Kevan How much would you like for a couple?
Hi Does anyone have a SCX motor pod magnet and cover going spare? The bit missing from this pic  [attachment=30476] Cheers Rob
Thought I'd share what I'm working on/with at the minute All of the cars, apart from the Boxster, are last weeks festival purchases (most chosen by my 3 year old!!), some were bargains (costs below) ...
(23rd-May-23, 02:43 PM)CMOTD Wrote:  MC Slots supply WASP tyres at a lower price than buying direct. LINK Thanks Brian, that’s who I used.
Thanks all Wasp have ones that will fit
Hi Does anyone know where I could get hold of some of the tyres in the pic? [attachment=30378] They’re off an SCX DBR9 and according to my chinesium measuring machine are 20mmx10.5mmx2.5mm Was hopi...
Failed miserably in keeping my wallet shut!! Ended up leaving with 6 cars in various states of disrepair, 1 new one Good job I took my little boy with me otherwise I’d have spent a lot more time the...
Hopefully going with my little boy on Sunday. I've been briefed (ie told quite sternly) that my wallet should stay hidden unless it's something I would really, really like!!!!
Bit of a long shot but does anyone have a bottom rear wing for a C370 Escort Cosworth available (blue and yellow car with Pilot decals) One on eBay but a different colour and without the part Micheli...
Hi Not sure this is the right place but my 2.5yr old is obsessed with Toy Story and Star Wars (he’s a bit young for SW but likes the space planes!!)    There are several vehicles available in Scalex...
(16th-Mar-23, 09:01 PM)Gpa113 Wrote:  Agree that the Legends are excellent without magnets.  I recently purchased the Dukes of Hazard Dodge Charger,  and the quality control was dreadful.  Afte...
seconded for actionslotracing, bought my initla Sport track from them and have added a few more bits from them Then Ebay, gumtree, local ads, car boots etc - I have a thing for classic track at the m...
Thanks for the heads up, think I've seen that advert on Ebay as well (where at least you'd have some financial protection)
Great series on YouTube documenting the stripping and rebuilding of the Porsche Paris-Dakar 959 driven by Jacky Ickx to second in the 1986 race.
The Bernie doc is a great watch for F1 fans.
I'll add another, used Mark a number of times for tyres, motors and other bits and bobs markb570_0 (sorry can't hyperlink an eBay link on the work computer)
Thanks Mr M It is the older cars I'm having problems with but i do have some easyfit guides on some cars that I've tried to get eyelets in that need swapping to the older style. Just waiting for my ...
I/we use Alexa in a few rooms, linked to Apple Music and used for background music and to turn some lamps that are placed in a position to hide from our 2yr old. The music choices can be a bit hit an...
Brilliant, thank you for the photos Ken Enough screws ordered to retro fit the fleet! Rob
Thanks Kevan Do you screw in-between the guide wire and braid from the top or drill a hole through the front of guide?