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Because the Grundig Lancia 037 version of Fly appealed to me, I bought this one. The first thing I noticed was the wrong year on the plinth. Darniche drove this 037 during the Rally d'Antibes in 1986,...
Hi Stuart, Don't forget Ninco, who even made the Corolla WRC slightly wider than SCX did. Hub :thumbup:
The latest version of the Team Slot Lancia Delta HF 4WD is that of Rallye Catalunya 1987 winner Dario Cerrato. That year the Italian not only won the most important Spanish rally, but also the Europea...
It's a shame that Avant Slot has made that Mitsubishi so wide.
Hi Stuart, I look forward to see some photos of your repainted (rally)cars.  Hub :thumbup:
The low camera position is great.  Hub :thumbup:
Maybe oil in the motor?  :ambulance:
Hello Leo, I first discovered the absence of nylon bushings on the front axle of their O-ring 4WD Puma Rally1. It is true that the front axle is loaded less than the rear axle, but due to the O-ring...
I'm a little concerned about the bearings of the connecting shafts directly in the bottom plate, without nylon bushings. Will they last long? Hub
Andy, a tremendous report and great to see you back at the Festival. Also a big thank you to Ric and Marc from the Slot Car Magazine stand next to me, for taking care of Slot Rally Hill, when I was ab...
Hi Guys, I am back home again from the UK Slot Car Festival. I hope you were able to make it to Gaydon to do a few laps on Slot Rally Hill. [attachment=35354][attachment=35355] On Saturday the tra...
Two more photos just for fun. See you next weekend in Gaydon. Hub :thumbup:  [attachment=35208][attachment=35209]
Next week I'll show Slot Rally Hill during the UK Slot Car Festival in Gaydon. You can then experience what it's like to drive different SRC rally cars on a scenic slot rally track. I hope it will ins...
This issue reports on the opening of the Formula 1 circuit in scale 1:87 (H0) at Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg: [Video:]
After the straw bales, two balsa wooden picnic tables followed. It started with a simple sketch. The length of the table top is 50mm (1.6m in reality). [attachment=34859][attachment=34860] [attachme...
Now that the landscape is ready, small items can be used to add accents. Straw bales are one of these items. They are easy to make from pieces of wood or foam, on which sisal fibers are glued. Finally...
After the hedges were placed in the landscape, the sea foam shrubs followed. Like the hedges, they also received a mixture of foam leaves and grits from the model train shop. Here you can see the resu...
Did you already consider a change to a sprung guide? Maybe rounding the sharp edges of the tyres is also an option.
The landscape with only grass and trees still looked too much like a park. By adding hedges and all kinds of shrubs, a more natural landscape was created. I used steel wool as the base material for t...
It looks very good. Well done. :thumbup: