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Great idea. It will be hard not to flip these cars and still be fast! Hub :thumbup:
Today the post woman delivered two Fly slot cars: Hub :thumbup: [attachment=18890][attachment=18891] Lancia 037 driven by Jean-Claude Andruet, sixth overall Tour de Corse 1984.     Renault 5 Turbo ...
Hi Henk, You've probably seen it already: The SRC site states that delivery will take place from November 15: Hub :thumbup:
Hi Jason, That looks very promising. 9mx6m is absolutely amazing! Indeed, fingers crossed so that your wonderful plans will one day become reality. Hub :thumbup:
(15th-Oct-21, 06:58 PM)woodcote Wrote:  So what you see is 13.5mm, which scales up to 17” - assuming the model is accurate to 1:32 scale. Hi Andy, 13.5mm corresponds to 17"-1.5"=15.5" See Mick ...
It looks really stunning, but there is one item that catches my eye:  I'm wondering why the wheels on touring cars (Mercedes 190E and Alfa Romeo 155 V6) look smaller than you would expect, af...
(14th-Oct-21, 06:10 PM)weevil Wrote:  These are now available to purchase from Only 50 available world wide It looks like you have to pay £5 extra for the removing of...
Here are the first pictures of the SRC Lancia Delta S4 Group B "Totip" Rallye Sanremo 1986, driven to second place by Dario Cerrato- Guiseppe Cerri, that will appear in November. SRC says:"This car is...
(20th-Sep-21, 07:46 PM)Johnno Wrote:  Seems majority like the inserts for varying reasons with the most being appearance. I hate them with a passion just like mirrors and wings, all useless item...
A link here on SlotRacer Online after broadcasting would be great. :thumbup:
As a rallyfan I like your Peugeot class. Hub :thumbup:
(3rd-Oct-21, 08:20 AM)BARacer Wrote:  A man needs a trailer! ...and a garage! :bigsmile:
Thank you for the links. Hub :thumbup:
It is always a great pleasure to see an update of your latest splendid creations. The Volvo emblem on your spectator bridge is very appropriate and I guess a must on a Swedish track like yours. They ...
Another outstanding report, Andy. Hub :thumbup:
(24th-Sep-21, 03:49 PM)BARacer Wrote:  Interesting that the wheels (inserts) are handed, i.e. fan blade leaning forward at the top on both sides.  Nice touch! Yes, they are mirrored; 2x left an...
(24th-Sep-21, 02:45 PM)woodcote Wrote:  Looks great! I do love those Turbofan wheels :thumbup: Yes, they are perfect.
Great to see those race Cortinas on the infield of the  track. Hub :thumbup:
Today the Chrono Peugeot arrived. Here are two pictures of this very fast rally car on my track: Hub :thumbup: [attachment=18118][attachment=18119]
That would be a waste! I love your track. It's always interesting to see that everyone has their own style. Hub :thumbup: