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Have purchased a bridge via Amazon so all sorted.   Thanks Brian.
Cheers Brian, had not thought of Amazon.  Will wait until 10pm to see if anyone here can match or beat the 23 pounds.  Leo
Hello, Does anyone have a Carrera Go!!! bridge like below that they would sell to me? Have checked Jadlam and PSR to no avail :-( I only need the red trusses, not the track pieces. Shipping to Edinbu...
Cheers Lloyd, these Zoom chats are well established now and provide interesting content.
(12th-Jul-22, 11:31 AM)tatter06 Wrote:  The batman/joker spark set is currently £85 at John Lewis (or Amazon if you prefer) so I have taken the plunge as I wanted a bit of sport track for testin...
Hello Tibbs, The sprung guides are appreciated by rally enthusiasts where they help absorb any (deliberate) bumps in the track. I don't mean "Raid" type events where a drop-arm is essential, just a no...
These 1/43 Slot Car Zoom Meets have some great content, glad I joined in.
Thank you Andy.  That certainly reduces the volume level of the voice commentary but the start light countdown is still at full volume and will wake the dead. However, I am going to use a Bluetooth sp...
I find that with LapTrax, when I reduce volume level that also reduces the ringtone and the phone comms level. Is there a way to only reduce volume of the LapTrax sounds? Leo
Hello Brian, Dunno if this would work with these chassis... The quick fix for Ninco Hop is to hot-glue a U shaped brace between the top of the motor and behind the axle bearings. If you have some 13am...
Cheers Brian, Blue Hummer has arrived today.  Many thanks, looking forward to having some fun later today. Leo
Cheers Graham, my cars arrived back home today. Many thanks for running the event as part of the Triple Crown contest. Leo
Hello Simon, With the lockdown and social distancing periods, you should have been able to finish the Italian Job project by now!  (Pot calling Kettle black here :-)) Best regards, Leo
Hello Lloyd, Its great that the 1:43 scene is going from strength to strength.   See you tomorrow. Leo
Cheers Andy, I'm not an avid fan and would have missed this so thanks for the nudge. I will keep the coverage in mind and watch when I can. Leo
(2nd-Jun-22, 02:03 PM)Top Down Wrote:  Mm? Crowds, vendors and displays all seemed to be down on numbers but the enthusiasm was still there in spades. :wrench:  Inevitable that it should start ...
Is the Jubilee holiday period a factor? Collection and delivery over the four days doesn't seem likely. Leo
Cheers Doug, thank you for sharing the photographs. What is your overall impression of this year compared to previous? Has it suffered or benefited from the lockdown period? Leo
Hello tabtas, I have never done any CNC work but am aware that in 3D printing, many designs start off as a 2 dimensional drawing that is then given some depth/height and scaling. So taking a layout pl...