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(8th-Aug-22, 05:55 PM)Graham Wrote:   (8th-Aug-22, 05:24 PM)Qman Wrote:  Put me down for a Class B Maserati A6GS and a Class C Porsche 914/6 (I think)  :rofl: Welcome back Qman and "Team Na...
Put me down for a Class B Maserati A6GS and a Class C Porsche 914/6 (I think)  :rofl:
Obviously my idea of hingeing the droparm behind the rear wheels doesn't work, I had thought of an articulated droparm, perhaps next year, but for now can I just ask the hosts to attempt some jumps wi...
What are the stats for the PSU and how much is it?
I think the 2CV  will need to 'take some air' to get over those bridges :tease:
As usual my preparation was noticable for it's absence, my Pajero hasn't turned a wheel since the last raid, and my 2CV was finished 5 minutesbefore posting to Graham, it hasn't turned a wheel on any ...
Is anyone else looking at these photos and thinking "What have I let myself into?" Oh well, too late to worry, what will be will be
(29th-Jul-22, 05:49 AM)Top Down Wrote:  Bleeping Post Office.  :tappingfoot: Second time I've used 1st class for an 'urgent' parcel and the second time they've failed to deliver.  First's a w...
I can highly recommend the z-machine kits from Slot Car Union in France, 2 wire connection and the tiniest LEDs you'll ever see, post to the UK is fine, and (touch wood) I haven't been stung for custo...
I agree with you, boths bonkers & brilliant in equal measures :tease:
I'm currently trying to work some magic on my Jake Hill Civic, I'm hoping to get similar results to my Andy Priaulx BMW, currently unbeaten in our production class
I plan on racing mine (when they arrive)
I plucked up the courage to race my latest buy, a Thunderslot Lola (my first Thunderslot), it felt very smooth but not as fast as my NSR Mosler but I had to try it, only qualified for the 'C' final bu...
I've now got 4 cars on pre-order, a TeamSlot Escort, Revoslot Alfa & Escort and a Thunderslot Mustang... I just hope they dont all try to leave my bank account at the same time :sweating: I did u...
Endof June is here (nearly), I need an Alfa :wrench:
I've found another mention of him here: Link to chassis by tomato_007 and the chassis you are looking for is here: Toyota chassis
Entry fee for Bernie Lawrance & Mike Stonehouse paid.
(19th-Jun-22, 11:59 PM)Kevan Wrote:  Just watched the rest of the videos on youtube You sat through all 11 of them?? :drinkingcheers: :bravo: Even I haven't done that yet