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Too funny!  Not that motor! Kevan - it worked out perfectly!
[attachment=18239][attachment=18237] [attachment=18238] 3D printed 908-3 for an all-3D proxy race. Body, chassis, interior, motor, detail, inserts and guide are all printed. Fantasy livery obvi...
Not only some very cool scenery - but man!  I forgot how much I miss video arcades!
Thanks! I've been rebuilding my timing setup a bit.  The original light bridge (built 3 track versions ago!), was way too tall and never looked very good to my eyes.  Part of it is that I used to hav...
Every time I see your work, I want to go hit my stuff with a hammer.  Just incredible detail!
That is fantastic!  I almost want to go get my power washer to clean that Bug off!  Almost...
Such fantastic pictures of your work.  Thank you for sharing them! I use lots of bass and balsa wood in my builds and find it super easy to use - glad to see your methods.
RMS did a generic one years ago to fit the Scalextric Nascar chassis.  Never sold very well and we stopped.  I always thought they were cool and would love to see an RTR.
That 2F will absolutely find a home here!!!  Nice reporting!
Hi Andy!  Tell us more about the space you have - is it simply an 8x6 area, or is an L-shaped layout an option?  Are you handy with wood, or do you need plastic track? Nothing wrong with HO at all, b...
No track is ever finished.  Of course, I tend to move before then anyway. The scenic part of a track is what really makes the hobby fun for me.
Really, really splendid work all-around!  I love the details on this track!
FINALLY!  An update for those who care to continue along with my track saga. I'd purchased braid, the router bit for the gains, and a lovely rolling tool from the fine folks at Slot Car Corner in the...
Really nice track!  I'm about to embark on going from copper tape to braid as well for similar reasons: Florida heat/humidity is making the tape lift continually. I am amazed and impressed regarding...
Yikes...where has the time gone...? I've 3D printed some guard rails, and done a little more turf work. However, as it is now over 90 degrees and 75% or more humidity on a regular basis - simply run...
Bernd, Thank you for sharing that!  VERY nice track and scenery!  I love the video!
Fabulous job!  I’ve printed a few dozen of the same.  Still the best era figures for the pits I’ve found.
Gordon - I can help with the system.  I just did an Arduino for the very first time and soldered my IR sensors.  When you are ready, I can do a step-by-step with pics.