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Scalextric BTCC - Savage GT - 13th-Oct-19

So having admittedly not followed the all the races, I stumbled across the season finale today just after the 2nd race.
I saw the "incident" with Turkington, and the last race was great, with Karma coming good (whatever you think of the incident it wasn't Turkington's fault).

But back to topic, I saw a Scalextric sponsor logo on one of the drivers visor and thought how cheeky is that !
Not only do they make less than half the grid in slot form, the cars are not the best driving things IMO.

All it needs is the rest of the field (BMW 330, Ford Focus, Audi S3, Vauxhall Astra, Merc A class, Toyota Corolla), and all the current liveries.
Then just concentrate on ensuring all of the guide is in the slot, and having enough plastic and/or design around the motor to back axle area to eliminates the flex and all could be rosy.
The tyres, I can forgive, they aren't the only make to rely heavily on magnets for traction.

Yes they may be designed for their own track system with magnets, but a little thought in design could go a long way to making them useful non magnet and wood racers.