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Pioneer Mustang wheel? - CMOTD - 26th-Aug-19

I have retrieved this basket case from the box of bits and would like to resurrect it. All the main parts are there but the rear wheels are cream crackered and the front tyres are missing.
Spares are readily available from Pendle or Inaslot but I can't work out which one of their big selection of wheels is the correct one.

Can anybody help me with the correct part numbers please?

RE: Pioneer Mustang wheel? - Savage GT - 29th-Aug-19

I believe these are the correct ones for that car, but tbh any "American Racing" will do.

Pioneer American Racing Front Wheels Silver/Gold

Ref : P00120-SRMGS

Pioneer American Racing Rear Wheels Silver/Gold

Ref : WH201246

From my experience you need the older pioneer tyres on wood tracks, not the newer ones Jules refers to as Supathanes (but are a synthetic rubber).
Or you can use Scalextric 70's Camaro tyres W9808. These are what I ended up with on the rear of my Camaro/Mustang pair, a tiny bit smaller but don't look out of place and work well once trued.

RE: Pioneer Mustang wheel? - CMOTD - 4th-Sep-19

Thanks for the assistance folks, Mustang now back on track.

Fitted an uprated 21k Pioneer motor; front tyres are Scalextric 70's Camaro W9808 as suggested by Tel; rears are WaspSlot #18 SCX NASCAR urethanes. Just need to take the tread off the fronts to lower it a bit, coat with nail varnish and it is good to go. Worth noting that tyres are completely interchangeable between those three types of car.

RE: Pioneer Mustang wheel? - Pioneer - 5th-Sep-19

Great to see you got that box o' bits back together Brian.

I hope you have some fun with her.