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Spray Booth Turntable - JMay - 30th-Mar-24

Spray Booth Turntable

For years I have been using a wooden block turntable shown below for spraying car shells. The shells locate over the block and hold using Blu Tak, which can be a pain to get right due to shell variations and a fixed block, and sometimes somebody has borrowed the blue tak.


So high time I made something better,


This consists of a base with a spindle going to a pegboard plate which takes pegs to hold the shell. On two of the pegs are eccentric cams which can be rotated to touch the shell side to side to stop side movement.


Parts shown above, the spindle shown orange glues into the pegboard green, and then rotates in the base red. The base can be screwed to a larger wood block for extra stability via the 4 fixing holes. Parts printed in PLA at 20% fill 0.2mm layers.



RE: Spray Booth Turntable - Kevan - 30th-Mar-24

A nice elegant solution which beats my carpet tape folded back on itself stuck on the top of a bottle of drain cleaner Bigsmile

RE: Spray Booth Turntable - Savage GT - 2nd-Apr-24

Very useful and a free STL, thank you kind sir :)

RE: Spray Booth Turntable - woodingboys - 27th-Apr-24

Thank you John.

After my latest post showing my ugly heath robinson approach using out of date lager bottles and blue tack, this was a very happy find :-)

Off to the printer with you STL :-)

RE: Spray Booth Turntable - G34 - 1st-May-24

many thanks for making the file available. I've printed one off in PETG and it looks just fine.

Will do some light sanding to rid myself of the whiskers and trim and get painting the T/S Mustang white kit.

Much appreciated.