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Slot Rally Hill - rallyhub - 6th-Dec-23

Here are some photos of my new portable green scenic track, named "Slot Rally Hill".
Track length is 15.5m and the overall dimensions are 2.88mx1.6m when using all three segments.
After removing of the middle segment, the track length can be reduced to 10.6 meters.

Slot Rally Hill contains a slot car club with a 1:1024 scaled track of Slot Rally Hill itself.
For the scenery, extensive use was made of sea foam, which was grown in our own garden.

I hope you like it.

Hub Thumbup

Overall view.                                                                                                                                        Slot car club ¨Slot Rally Hill¨.

An intersection.                                                                                                                                    Green landscape.

RE: Slot Rally Hill - StuBeeDoo - 6th-Dec-23

Very impressive.   Cool

RE: Slot Rally Hill - Kevan - 6th-Dec-23

Fab-u-Luss  Cool the 1/32 scale 1/32 scale track too

RE: Slot Rally Hill - rallyhub - 6th-Dec-23

Just for fun, here are a few other photos:

At one side of the track is a small cottage situated near a bridge.

The bridge at night.

RE: Slot Rally Hill - rallyhub - 6th-Dec-23

A video of Slot Rally Hill can be found on the Slot Car Magazine Facebook page:

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RE: Slot Rally Hill - JasonB - 6th-Dec-23

Wow, that's absolutely brilliant. Thumbup Thumbup Thumbup

RE: Slot Rally Hill - RetroRich67 - 6th-Dec-23

Amazing track!

RE: Slot Rally Hill - Steven.G - 6th-Dec-23

Absolutely awesome.

RE: Slot Rally Hill - Savage GT - 6th-Dec-23

Superb doesn't even begin to describe your work Rallyhub, excellent stuff  Checkeredflag Thumbup

RE: Slot Rally Hill - ePilot - 6th-Dec-23

Hi Hub,

Absolutely amazing scenery!!! Beautiful lifelike colors! Spectacular track!
What kind of chemical stuff or paint do you use to color the wooden fences? Beautiful!