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Stewart Raceway - slotn77 - 6th-Nov-23

Stewart Raceway currently consists of two custom-routed H.O. scale raceways: Stewart Raceway II is a residential 4-lane, 70′ routed track situated indoors in an air-conditioned environment; Stewart Raceway III is a 6-lane, 78′ routed track situated in a detached garage on the same premises with a bit more room for larger race meets. Both tracks convert to multiple layouts, including oval racing.

[Image: 20220225_143608.jpg][Image: IMG_8617-e1635830716835.jpg]
SR2: 4-lane, Viper road course convertible to oval.

[Image: 20220513_1831121.jpg][Image: wp-1685328454688.jpg]
SR3: 6-lane, Brad Bowman road course that also converts to an oval.

Stewart Raceway is located in the California Bay Area’s Santa Cruz Mountains, just minutes away from Highway 17 and Summit Road.

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