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Brands Hatch Winter Stages 2022 - woodcote - 14th-Jan-22


I'm marshalling at the Brands Hatch Winter Stages tomorrow - Round 4 of the 2021-2 MSN Circuit Rally Championship. There are 100 entries and eight stages running through from a frosty 8.45am to a very dark 5.45pm. Warm clothes are at the ready.

Coverage is here:

Motorsport News used to sponsor the rather bonkers national road rally championship in the late 60s and early 70s, which all became "a little illegal". Road rallying is heavily restricted these days, but the circuit rally scene is a great way for fans to see thoroughbred rally cars away from the forest stages - we don't have any of those down south. The Brands event is run by the Chelmsford Motor Club, who also organise the 'Corbeau Seats Rally Tendring & Clacton' - which kicks off the British Rally Championship in April.

The MSN Rally Championship is here:

With their YouTube Channel here:

Looks like I'll be on the Brands start/finish line, which is a merge point on the morning and a chicane in the afternoon. Could be busy.

RE: Brands Hatch Winter Stages 2022 - woodcote - 17th-Jan-22

It was a busy and excellent day, starting with fog that gradually lifted during the morning…


Our marshalling post ceased to exist for stages 3 & 4, so we got a couple of hours off to enjoy the action as cars split from the circuit and finished the stage through the paddock and then up through the Brands Hatch rally school course…

During the afternoon, we were very busy on the chicane at the end of a long run all the way down to just past the pit exit. It was a big braking zone and there were a few big impacts on the tyre obstacles. I’m certainly still aching after shifting blocks of 35 tyres whilst the stage was running. I’m sure the other three guys are too…


Thankfully, everyone seemed to ease off a couple of tenths in the dark and it was a clean final stage!

Some fabulous modern pro rally cars - 4WD Fiestas, plus a Hyundai i20 and a Polo - and loads of awesome Escorts and plenty of others. All great to watch.

There’s a full report of the event here:

And here’s the in-car video from the Lunicorn Clio on Stage 6…

There’s quite a lot of footage from spectators and competitors on YouTube if you’re interested. Team Lunicorn have posted footage of all eight of their stages here:

The next round of the championship is at Snetterton next month.

RE: Brands Hatch Winter Stages 2022 - BARacer - 18th-Jan-22

Well you are named after a chicane...