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Wheel and Tyre Compatibility? (Newbie) - DTM2020 - 12th-Jan-21

Good day to you all, I am a newbie to slot cars and am just beginning to realise how addictive this hobby can be. Can someone give a brief overview on tyres, wheels and axels in regards to if there is a standard size or are all manufacturers using different sizes for their wheels tyres and axels.

For reference, I bought the Carrera German DTM 1/32 digital set and have bought an extra 2 DTM cars in addition to the 2 which came with the set. I have only measured the tyres so far and they are approx 22.0mm diameter x 10.0mm wide.


RE: Wheel and Tyre Compatibility? (Newbie) - BourneAgainRacer - 12th-Jan-21

You might want to read through this thread in Tips & Tuning for starters on the topic...

There are other people here who can probably give you more specific information on Carrera parts.