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Hello - GOGS - 7th-Jan-21

Few words to say hello, Wavegreen

First Scalextric set was back in 1978ish Mini 1275 Rally Set, then I lost my way with family, sports etc etc. I came back to slot cars about ten years ago joining a great group of fellows in Dundee racing a mixed group of cars over the last decade from Vanquish CanAm to SCX rally & nearly everything in between.

After buying lots of different makes & models I'm 'trying' to focus my collection on Oval, Aston & Jaguar & whatever we as a group decide on racing at the moment (pre-covid) Ford/Ferrari NSR, Rally 4WD any make & GT3 Carrera.

Last three purchases have been Pioneer Legend (that's 5 now) Scalextric I-Pace & SCX WRX Audi as you'll see the Audi doesn't fit what's supposed to be my focus!

What would I like in my slot car garage this year WRX MINI replica. 

Cheers Beer

RE: Hello - KensRedZed - 7th-Jan-21

Hello Gogs, and welcome to SlotRacer.  Thumbup

RE: Hello - Fast Co. - 7th-Jan-21

Welcome aboard Gogs!

RE: Hello - woodcote - 7th-Jan-21

Welcome to SlotRacer GOGS Wavegreen

RE: Hello - BourneAgainRacer - 7th-Jan-21


RE: Hello - JasonB - 7th-Jan-21

Aye up, and welcome. Thumbup

RE: Hello - Scuderia_Turini - 8th-Jan-21

Greetings GOGS,
Always good to see another Scot here.


RE: Hello - Anthony B - 8th-Jan-21

Salutations and greetings and welcome!!!!! Wavegreen Wavegreen