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Autonomous Carrera 124 - Greg - 21st-Nov-20

I have a Carrera 124 Porsche I had set as an autonomous car a couple of times.
Now I can't get it to release and it runs at top speed?
Any suggestions?

RE: Autonomous Carrera 124 - KensRedZed - 23rd-Nov-20

Hi Greg,

I hate to see a question go unanswered. But I know nothing about digital cars. I race on analogue tracks.

Can you please explain how you set a car to run autonomously?

You may end up eventually answering your own question by doing so.  Checkeredflag

RE: Autonomous Carrera 124 - Greg - 24th-Nov-20

There is a series of steps through the control unit and the controller to follow for all the settings.
I've tried every combination multiple times with no success.

RE: Autonomous Carrera 124 - KensRedZed - 24th-Nov-20

Is there a way to reset to default? Unplug and reboot? A memory battery somewhere that's either dead, or holding an error memory you don't want?

I hate to ask. But do the instructions talk about a reset?

Can you Google the entire question? or ask the manufacturer direct via email?

Just asking...

RE: Autonomous Carrera 124 - crustypop - 24th-Nov-20

i think all you have to do is think of the car as a new car ,put it on the track and pair it to a controller as a ordinary race car ,by pressing the code button the right amount of times .once ?

RE: Autonomous Carrera 124 - Greg - 24th-Nov-20

I have tried a "reset" to no avail. Unplugged and tried to reprogram the car.
I have contacted the people I purchased the set from and they replied they would be in touch.

RE: Autonomous Carrera 124 - woodcote - 24th-Nov-20

Greg - hopefully you get an answer from the retailer.

This is the best video to explain programming a ghost car with the Carrera Digital Control Unit...

However, you seem to be saying that the car is full power the moment you put it on the track? That sounds like the car could either be in analogue mode or the chip has been damaged. Have a play with the switch underneath the car to see if it's the former...

There are more useful videos on YouTube that Carrera of America have produced: