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BRM 578 Stackpipe - KensRedZed - 21st-Nov-20

The exhaust pipes on this car make it extremely unique and interesting.


After a little heckling from the club. I finally gave in and removed the gold inserts, and installed the proper BRM inserts.


Thank you very kindly for looking.

RE: BRM 578 Stackpipe - BourneAgainRacer - 21st-Nov-20

Nice Ferrari yellow colour...

Just another minor heckle, do you think you need to get the driver's helmet below the level of the roll over bar?

Go on...slam the driver!

RE: BRM 578 Stackpipe - KensRedZed - 21st-Nov-20

Thank you very kindly, Jeremy.

The driver's head protects the thin, plastic, roll bar in this case.  Thumbup

Actually that's how the kit came. I was unsure how many vertebrae to remove from the driver's neck. I'll try removing about 1.5mm on the next BRM driver.