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+--- Thread: Spares 'Catalogue' now online (/showthread.php?tid=1722) Spares 'Catalogue' now online - BourneAgainRacer - 20th-Nov-20

No more flicking through the pages of a virtual spares catalogue on the website, it's all now 'clickable' here...

RE: Spares 'Catalogue' now online - slotloco - 21st-Nov-20

Very easy to find products this way.

RE: Spares 'Catalogue' now online - woodcote - 24th-Nov-20

Just had time to have a proper look and it is really useful! Must have taken a lot of work.

I particularly like how all the pdf instructions and datasheets are available to download from the individual product pages. That makes it a fabulous resource.

RE: Spares 'Catalogue' now online - KensRedZed - 24th-Nov-20

I don't use Slot It parts much... with the exception of maybe the guides... maybe the braid... the gears... the motors... and maybe the wheels too. But other than that...

JeremyB. Thanks for posting.  Thumbup