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SRC Lancia Delta S4: four new liveries! - woodcote - 20th-Nov-20


Not surprisingly, the first release of the SRC Lancia Delta S4 Group B rally car (above) has gone down very well. The high-detail 'Original' model of 1986 Monte Carlo Rally winners Henri Toivonen and Sergio Cresto sold out almost immediately in the UK. Pendles have re-stocked and both they and MRE also have a few of the 'Chrono' racing version available.

However, there was no basking in the success of the car at SRC HQ in Alicante... four new liveries have been announced for future Delta S4 releases, with the first two expected very soon. All will be available in Original and Chrono versions and each is limited to 510 units worldwide.

[attachment=10267] [attachment=10268]

The first two new models to be announced are of the Fabrizio Tabaton / Luciano Tedeschini Grifone Team Esso cars that won both the Rallye Internacional Principe de Asturias and the Rally Costa Brava in 1986 - Costa Brava in February and Asturias in September. Both were rounds of the European Rally Championship, which Tabaton and Tedeschini won overall. Although very similar liveries, these were two different cars - chassis #221 (license plate: TO 77894E) racing earlier in the season, before being replaced by chassis #203 (TO 77891E) from the Rallye dell'Isola d'Elba in May. The photos above are of pre-production models - although both models are scheduled to be shipped by Christmas.


The fourth model - just announced this week - is of one of the Jolly Club S4s driven by Dario Cerrato and Guiseppe Cerri in the 1986 ERC, selected Italian Championship events and the WRC Rally Sanremo. The pair won the Targa Florio Rally, the Rallye dell'Isola d'Elba and the Rally Valle d'Aosta with two of the Totip-sponsored S4s. I can't find any details specifying exactly which car will be modelled by SRC, but hopefully that info will be available soon.

[attachment=10270] [attachment=10271]

The fifth model is of the Henri Toivonen and Neil Wilson Martini Racing car that won the 1985 RAC Rally - the debut of the S4. This and the Jolly Club car are expected early in the New Year. The RRP for all the cars and both Original and Chrono versions is £94.99, although both MRE and Pendles are retailing them for less. All four of the new cars are available as pre-orders now from MRE.

Here's the full list of cars announced...

RE: SRC Lancia Delta S4: four new liveries! - Scuderia_Turini - 20th-Nov-20

Oh, oh, I'll need a Lombard RAC version. I'll message Santa on Insta.