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Figures - Gordon Steadman - 19th-Nov-20

It seems that we may have a buyer for our house. Not getting too exited at this stage as things in France move exceedingly slowly and there are loads of reports to get before pen touches paper.

However, it has prompted me to start thinking about the amount of junk in the place. The local dump is getting used to me turning up every day but I'm getting round to the track room now. I see no point in hanging onto stuff that isn't being used and is either in boxes or stuck at the back of a shelf somewhere so I wonder if there is any interest in this sort of stuff.

Kentoys, Scalex slot related and some 43rd Minichamps F1 cars. I'd quite forgotten they were there! No idea what they are worth - if anything - eBay seems like too much faff right now but if anyone wants them, we could discuss it by PM no doubt. Postage around here is a bit hit and miss so they might not get posted in too much of a hurry.


You can see how seriously I take the crowds in the stand!

RE: Figures - Fluff - 20th-Nov-20

Hi Gordon ,won't you need them for your new track in sunny Scotland !!!

RE: Figures - Gordon Steadman - 20th-Nov-20

(20th-Nov-20, 07:21 AM)Fluff Wrote:  Hi Gordon ,won't you need them for your new track in sunny Scotland !!!
Ah....plans have changed! We are staying in France. Going north though, probably near the coast. Easy to get to the UK for slot racing and, more important, the temperature will be lower and the soil better. It's getting too hot here in the summer and growing our food is starting to be a struggle.

We will be downsizing considerably. This place is ginormous and we only live in a fraction of it. The couple buying it - hopefully - have a young, growing family and that's what the house needs.

It will mean a bit of dosh in the bank and we will be able to get the new place as efficient as possible. Hopefully, we will find a place with a good outbuilding or convertable loft for the new track. I'm more into going fast than admiring the scenery and I can't see that this lot will come out of retirement any time soon.

RE: Figures - Fluff - 20th-Nov-20

I wonder if I can get a ferry from Norfolk ????

RE: Figures - Gordon Steadman - 20th-Nov-20

(20th-Nov-20, 02:18 PM)Fluff Wrote:  I wonder if I can get a ferry from Norfolk ????

It isn't that far to the south coast from East Anglia. Ferry from Portsmouth to Caan and we should be within an hour or so of there.

RE: Figures - Fluff - 20th-Nov-20

This sounds vaguely like an invite  Wrench

RE: Figures - Gordon Steadman - 21st-Nov-20

(20th-Nov-20, 10:05 PM)Fluff Wrote:  This sounds vaguely like an invite  Wrench

But of course Thumbup

Plus an open invite, once the track is done, to anyone that can sort out the timing! The Carrera will do for now but I will want to install something proper which will mean using the Windoze machine etc.