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Lewis Hamilton - JasonB - 16th-Nov-20

I guess Lewis has had such a strong season that there has been an air of inevitability about him winning his seventh world championship.

But that really is quite an achievement, and it makes him the most succesful F1 driver ever. Wrench 

His drive yesterday was a fitting way to win it too. Whilst Max got angry and drove too aggresively and span, whilst his team mate finished 14th, and a lap down, Lewis drove impeccably, showed patience, and had the experience to call his own pit stops.

I'd also say that Hamilton has been, for the most part, a fair driver, without the incedents which slightly tarnished Michael's reputation.

I know a lot of people aren't keen on Mercedes' domination, or Lewis himself, but I think it would be churlish not to recognise the world beating quality of what they have achieved.

Looking forward to number eight next year.

RE: Lewis Hamilton - Nonfractal - 17th-Nov-20

Not just impressive on the track.
Lewis is the quintessential 21st century Englishman.
Never "Mouthy", always thoughtful and diligent.
Has never had to resort to dirty tricks to get the win. 
Uses his platform to forward agendas on climate and politics.

I know Lewis has his detractors and its true that its becoming predictable watching him clock up win after win after win, buts it hard to deny his place as the best f1 driver of the modern age.


RE: Lewis Hamilton - woodcote - 17th-Nov-20

There's nothing I enjoy more than witnessing an exceptional sportsperson performing at the peak of their talent - and that's what we got on Sunday. It was a perfect way to equal Schumacher's record. I have a sneaking suspicion that we still haven't seen the best of Hamilton - on and off the track. For me, Lewis has been a sublime antidote to a pretty grim year. Bravo!

RE: Lewis Hamilton - Johnno - 17th-Nov-20

He just needs to stay out of politics and other personal agendas and stick to the job of racing and being a great driver. His recent political agenda has turned me (and others) away from him as a sports person.

RE: Lewis Hamilton - JasonB - 18th-Nov-20

(17th-Nov-20, 10:50 PM)Johnno Wrote:  He just needs to stay out of politics and other personal agendas and stick to the job of racing and being a great driver. His recent political agenda has turned me (and others) away from him as a sports person.

I'm interested Johnno, what's turned you away?

I confess, I've rarely been influenced by driver's opinions, but I have to admit that I think his "political" points have some value, and I think he speaks very intelligently, and with respect.

RE: Lewis Hamilton - Gordon Steadman - 18th-Nov-20

Why the hell shouldn't he be allowed to have opinions and voice them? He's human just like the rest of us and there will always be people who disagree with him but that's life.

I find this idea that people should stay in their little closed box more than a bit wierd.  He should be free to express himself. 

The fact that an old fogey like me finds some of his lifestyle a bit out there doesn't change the fact that he seems a genuine man who sees something that needs changing that most would agree with if they bothered to think about it. It also doesn't change my admiration for him as a racing driver.

RE: Lewis Hamilton - woodcote - 18th-Nov-20

I have to admit, I prefer my sporting icons to be complex, interesting human beings rather than ‘identikit’ robots who seem to be talking and behaving to an inane script churned out by the sport’s PR bods.

One of Lewis Hamilton’s most miraculous achievements was - as a working-class black kid - just to break into karting and show off his enormous talent, despite the casual racism and institutional discrimination he and his father experienced. For those of us who don’t live through that on a day-to-day basis, I’m not sure we can even start to understand the impact... Let alone break through it to be become the greatest driver in a sport that has had no black role models.

Before this year, Hamilton hasn’t been silent on issues of race in motorsport, but he had assumed that his presence in Formula One would start to break down barriers and inspire black youngsters to “dream the impossible”. His dignity and determination have probably trumped the awful fan behaviour at Barcelona early in his F1 career - and such scenes have thankfully not been repeated, as least not in such a public manner. Yet young black kids - whether aspiring drivers, mechanics, team principals, marshals etc - still see a very white (and male) sport at all levels.

The catalyst of George Floyd’s death saw Hamilton reassess his assumption that just being in F1 would gradually change things. His Hamilton Commission - working with teams and the F1 administration to break down barriers - will certainly have more long-term impact than the grid ceremonies and t-shirts... but it’s all part of a very well-thought-out, passionate and determined effort. And those are just some of the personal qualities that make Lewis Hamilton a magnificent champion on and off the track.