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Carrera Evolution Ford Mustang GTY #55 - woodcote - 16th-Oct-20


Carrera Evolution CA27637 Ford Mustang GTY #55. Available now. RRP £39.99.

Both Carrera and Scalextric have released a new Ford Mustang in 2020. The English company have added the GT4 racing Mustang (here) to their range of modern GT cars. In contrast, the Austrian/German company have released this big beefy Mustang GTY - a seemingly fantasy Group 5 Silhouette-style creation, probably based on the 2020 road car. Much as I've looked, "Mustang GTY" only brings up the two Carrera models.

This latest release has a big rear wing and carries the #55 number and Ford Performance livery. I suspect the fifty-five refers to the fifty-fifth anniversary of the launch of the Mustang back in 1964. It's certainly a slick livery and plenty of people swoon over a muscle car on steroids. The GTY will be a fine companion for Carrera's new-for-2020 Porsche 935 GT2 track car that is expected later in the year.

Underneath the body is the usual Carrera inline set-up, self-centring guide and JST connectors that mean the Evolution car is easily converted to Digital132. This model is also available as a digital version, with working lights.


The #55 Mustang appears as a set car in the new Carrera Evolution "Break Away" set - alongside the new-for-2020 Chevy Camaro pace car.

You can buy the Carrera Evolution Mustang GTY now at Pendles, MRE and other UK Carrera retailers.