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Lock Down - Fluff - 24th-Mar-20

Well I've had my run and my bike ride ,all in the confines of the shed ,got a treadmill and rollers for the bike   Wrench but the best fun is on the Wii constantly loosing at tennis and pants at 10 pin . I'm hoping at the end of 3 months I will have the body of a god 


RE: Lock Down - Top Down - 24th-Mar-20

.. and what are you going to do with it?

RE: Lock Down - Fluff - 24th-Mar-20

Wear it if it fits , unless it's Bacchus then it should be ok  Rofl


RE: Lock Down - woodcote - 24th-Mar-20

I think we'll need before and after pics  Thumbup

RE: Lock Down - Fluff - 24th-Mar-20

If you think I'm posting photos of me in lycra you are going to be disappointed or pleased , depends on a point of view Wrench


RE: Lock Down - Fluff - 24th-Mar-20

On a lighter note ,just put up some Christmas decs on the front of the house , seems to be the thing to do  . Happy New Year  Heart


RE: Lock Down - CMOTD - 25th-Mar-20

As the rain has finally stopped and the sun is shining I have been exercising by tending to the allotment. Hadn't done any serious digging since last October so I am now cream crackered with an aching back and stiff legs.

Who said exercise was good for you?

RE: Lock Down - Fluff - 25th-Mar-20

No rain here just bright sunshine , sitting outside sipping wine  . Love this isolation stuff  Sun


RE: Lock Down - Stevef1964 - 25th-Mar-20

I have my bike trainer set up in my loft, so can do various rides including the Alpe Du Huez (Stage of the T De Fr), and the UCI rides of London 2012, Innsbruck, Yorkshire, Richmond (US) as well as loads of other rides.

I use a software called Zwift, some of you may know it. Last night there were over 13000 riders on it and the servers are rock solid.

I did the Alpe Du Heuz the other day - only 10.9 miles but averages 8-10 degrees for the entire climb. Took me 1:51hrs and it is a real killer.

RE: Lock Down - BourneAgainRacer - 25th-Mar-20

I have been to morzine a few times and ridden up col de joux plane (from the south) each time. 

It's horrible...give it a go!