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Full Version: Scorpius test track
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Hi Guys, 
    Im going to need a large track to test the new Scorpius Generation II car chip. So lets finish my track.
Room size around 9.5x6.5m
Firstly the design. Its a previous track made shorter, previously 45m now 33m or 100’
Footprint 9.5x4.2m.
I’ve had to make one new piece to make it all fit together.
It features analogue and digital modes, 4 lanes, 8 pit bays and 1 safety car bay.
I drew it in CAD. Seeing the rest was CNC I was going to get this module also CNC machined however set up costs and wait times seen me go to plan B, hand routed.
I generated X and Y coordinates off the CAD drawing and then plotted key points on the board, and then joined the dots using some 12x12mm hardwood nailed with panel pins at 200 centres. Holes are tiny and easily filled prior to sealing.
Slot is 1/8” or 3.2mm x 8mm deep.
Braid recess is 3/4” x 0.8mm deep.

Firstly the slot was routed then I customised by own router bit but taking a new 3/4” router bit and drilling a 1/8” hole in the end. Epoxy an old drill 1/8” drill bit and then cut to 6mm long.
Now route your recess with your eyes closed literally.
Lane change areas including cut outs for flippers done as also.
Sand and seal as soon as possible.
More stages and pics soon.
Very nice indeed. Thumbup
Somee more pics.
Lane colour coding completed.
Braid going down.
Pics of custom made recess router.
Lets route some channels for wiring so it looks neat and professional. 
I always seal all sides of the MDF also so 2 coats sealer underside plus 2 coats full gloss white oil based enamel.
It will be easy to isolate wires and troubleshoot in the future.
Hi Guys,
Time for wiring, fit track joiners, lane changer electronics etc