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Full Version: Scorpius Wireless Colour Touchscreen Gantry
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Hi Guys,
    We thought about time someone made a wireless start gantry.
After some thought we ditched multiple 5mm colour LEDs for a nice Nexion 4.3” colour touchscreen.

4 prototypes loaded with components turned up this week as wel as 4 Nexion colour touchscreens.

To make it Scorpius compatible a new board of identical size and bolt hile locations. The Nexion board is bolted above the new Scorpius board.
The Scorpius board will use the Nordic 52810 wireless chip.
It will talk to Race Coordinator and Scorpius RMS initially for both Analogue and Digital.

A variety of start light graphics will be stored onboard and selected by the Scorpius app. Choose BTCC, F1, Nascar and other light setups as required.
The touchscreen function will be used to start and pause races and initiate yellow flags as well as other functions. 

Next stage is firmware development.