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Full Version: INOX MX3 - a must-have for digital racers
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What it says on the tin - a must-have for Scalextric Digital racers - and it is on offer at Pendle Slot Racing in the UK at the moment:

Pendles currently sell both the 60ml bottle with needle applicator and the 125ml pump spray. The bigger bottle works out better value, but I'd definitely recommend decanting into dropper bottles before you use it - please don't waste your Inox and get your cars, track and everything else filthy  by using the pump spray. Less is more (and more is less) with Inox.

What I do with Inox is put a drop of the stuff on each braid of a couple of cars and run them round the track, lane changers and pit lane at the start of the session - but only if I haven't used the track for a while. That's really all you need - just a few drops will give you a smooth digital racing session and protect the track afterwards (don't wipe it off!). My first 60ml bottle has lasted me five years...

At WHO/digital we use Inox with the first six cars on track at the start of the day or the evening - that's all we need for our 120+ foot layouts. It solves so many annoying issues it makes no sense at all not to use it. You know what to do.

I too add one drop to each braid (I have the spray bottle, I undo the lid/spray and use what is on the end of the tube) then I run the car around six times cleaning the track.

Normally the first few times around the track the car will stop and start and stutter its way around constantly repeating the stuttering until eventually the track is clean and the car runs perfect, bar the twit controlling the car. I also run through pit lane a few times as well.
Mr Woodcote

On the basis that dirt is not created, or destroyed, it simply changes location, does inox clean dirt off the track and doesn't it simply end up on the braids? 

Yes, that's where the dirt mostly ends up Bigsmile

If the track rails are filthy, I use lighter fuel on a rag to clean them. I then use INOX very sparingly on the braids to coat the clean rails. The INOX improves conductivity, reduces arcing and protects the rails from moisture and oxidation. That's why I don't clean / wipe down at the end of a session - unless it is followed by another run round with INOX-treated cars.

Too much INOX and it does attract all matter of filth from a 100-mile radius and you end up with a dirty, black slime covering track, cars, tyres, clothing and soft furnishings. I wouldn't recommend it. Two drops on the braids of each car a couple of times a week - maximum - suffices. It's also why I prefer the needle bottle - or decant the spray bottle into a similar needle applicator. Vaping liquid bottles are also good, but don't vape INOX by mistake.
Got it! 

So I have bought a second hand track set and went for a 'rubber' style rail cleaner. So I will use that first and then invest in some inox...
Please leave the rail cleaner rubber in its packet. If your second-hand track is shiny, but a bit dirty, clean with lighter fluid (£1 a tin from Poundland) on a cleanish rag. The Scalextric rails are plated and using the rubber risks removing the plating, making the track more susceptible to rust - and it will look awful.

If the lighter fuel and a bit of elbow grease won't shine up the plating on the rail, you could use a very gentle abrasive paste - making sure all residue is then removed.

Worthwhile having the INOX MX3 ready as soon as the track is cleaned and ready for action.

So how long after you start does this hobby get simple???

It is worth taking a look at this page:

And especially this video about keeping the rail tabs tight...

Will do.
I just bought Inox MX3FG, like in the picture.
FG is food grade.  Different from MX3.  Is this gonna achieve the same benefit as
the original MX3, it's a lot cheaper?

Which do you guys use?
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